Electrifying the Iconic Marlin Trek's Foray into E-Bikes.

Electrifying the Iconic Marlin Trek’s Foray into E-Bikes

The cycling industry has been abuzz with excitement as Trek, a venerable name in the world of bicycles, unveils its latest innovation – the Marlin+ Electric bike. Trek has earned a reputation for decades for making high-quality, reasonably priced bicycles. Now, this loved company is venturing into ebike industry and will be converting its best-selling Marlin model into an ebike. While this move may come as a surprise to many, given the enduring popularity of the Marlin as a versatile all-purpose bike, it’s a testament to Trek’s commitment to innovation and adapting to the evolving needs of cyclists.

Performance Meets Electric Power

The Marlin+ Electric bike makes its debut with a starting price of just over $3,000, available on Trek’s official website. 

The Marlin+ has a Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive unit. While the motor produces a subtle 50 Newton-meters of torque, it offers an exceptional level of customization. Cyclists can fine-tune their riding experience using the Bosch e-Bike Flow app, ensuring a tailored and precise ride.

Battery Capacity and Longevity

The Marlin+ Electric bike features a 400-watt-hour pack, which, while not setting records for long-range capabilities, is a dependable companion for most riders. For those planning extensive day-long adventures, the bike is compatible with Bosch’s 250Wh PowerMore range extender. With this option, riders can embark on lengthy journeys with peace of mind, knowing that their e-bike is up to the task.

Riding Comfort and Versatility

The Marlin+ Electric bike elevates the riding experience with its 120-millimeter suspension fork. This addition ensures a comfortable and controlled ride, particularly on moderate terrains. Notably, it maintains the quality of its non-electric counterpart and introduces a thru-axle system for wheel mounting, providing a touch of premium craftsmanship.

What sets the Marlin+ Electric bike apart is its unwavering commitment to versatility. In alignment with the Marlin’s tradition, this electric version comes with a frame designed to accommodate a diverse array of accessories. Whether it’s a luggage rack or fenders, riders have the flexibility to customize the Marlin+ to suit their unique riding style and preferences.

Pricing and Availability

For cycling enthusiasts in the UK, the Marlin+6 is readily available at £2,500 ($3,093 USD) on Trek’s UK website, while the more advanced Marlin+8 is priced at £3,000 ($3,712 USD). However, for eager riders in the United States, details regarding availability and pricing are still pending, prompting anticipation and excitement in the e-bike community.

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