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History of Royal Dutch Gazelle Bikes – Electric Bike Brand

The long and unique history of Gazelle has influenced both their ideas and the inspiration for their bikes. They have grown from a small bicycle exporter to a well-known global bicycle manufacturer since their founding in 1892. At Gazelle, people are proud of their history and excited about the future. They’ll continue making stylish, safe, and comfortable bicycles that are built for daily usage and long distance riding.

Gazelle has been producing bicycles of the highest quality, comfort, and lightweight for 125 years. They are motivated to concentrate on intelligent design and technological innovation because they love riding and believe that bicycles should be a part of daily life. Gazelle bikes have step-through frames that make them simple for anybody to use, strong and dependable mid-drive motors that will carry you where you need to go, and they are fully equipped. 

Eleven different models from three different families make up the Gazelle e-bike lineup. Each family has distinctive traits, albeit there aren’t many differences between them.

Is Gazelle Worth It?

A novel approach to ride a bicycle is to “ride like the Dutch”—upright, relaxed, and without straining your back. Additionally, it stands for having a positive outlook on the people and the environment around you. 

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A Royal Dutch Gazelle is the bicycle for you if you want to actually ride like the Dutch, ring your chime, wear ordinary clothes, carry anything from goods to children, and use e-power to make steep slopes feel as flat as Holland.

Where Do Gazelle Bikes Come from?

In the little town of Dieren, it all started in 1892. Two Dutchmen, Willem Kölling and Rudolph Arentsen, established a small business that sold bikes that were imported from England. But in 1902, these individuals had an epiphany: they established their own factory to produce bicycles in the regional style.

The beginning of a fantastic voyage for the Dutch bicycle’s history. Due to the quality, effectiveness, and durability of its goods, the Gazelle brand swiftly establishes itself with the leading brands. It is well-known among both sportspeople and regular people in all of Europe. Even more than a century in business, Gazelle electric bikes are still in the lead.

As one of the world’s oldest bicycle manufacturers, Royal Dutch Gazelle was founded back in 1892. Prior to 1992, the business was known as Gazelle Bicycles, but Princess Margriet of the Netherlands gave it the title of “Royal” to commemorate its century.

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Every year, Gazelle produces 250,000 bicycles off its manufacturing lines, amounting to a total production of more than 16 million bicycles. The business inaugurated its first e-bikes in 2005, and today, outcome of these bikes make up a sizable portion of their total revenue.

Royal Dutch Gazelle continues to thrive great today, producing stylish and unique bicycles that define ease and Dutch lifestyle riding.

What are Gazelle Bikes Good for?

Powerful E-bikes are produced in great quantities by Bosch and Shimano Electronic Gazelle because urban riders in Europe and other parts of the world are adopting them more and more.

Its e-bikes include reliable Bosch and Shimano motors and batteries, which produce smooth, powerful, and predictable performance.

What Sets Gazelle Bikes Apart?

Gazelle is the oldest A-brand bike manufacturer in the Netherlands, having been established in the Dutch town of Dieren approximately 130 years ago. The development of the nation’s riding culture and the expansion of the nation’s bicycle industry have both been considerably aided by Gazelle over the years. 

A business that operates for nearly 130 years must be doing a lot of things correctly in order to last that long. Despite having a similar appearance to other city and e-bikes, Gazelle bikes have a few distinguishing qualities that make them stand out.

1. Warranty of 10 Years

A 10-year warranty on materials and manufacturing flaws is provided by Gazelle for the frame and non-suspension front forks, covering typical handling, use, and maintenance. Even while it isn’t an infinite warranty, it is still far superior to what most other manufacturers offer.

Additionally, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the entire frameset’s paint job as well as the front suspension forks. The guarantee period for all other items, including electrical and mechanical parts, is two years.

2. Suitable Position for Riding

King Dutch Bicycles of all shapes and sizes are produced by Gazelle for a variety of uses. But bear in mind that these are not high-performance bikes.

The majority of bikes have relaxed geometry that places the user in an upright riding position because the firm prioritizes comfort over speed.

3. Simple, Active, and Sportive

Currently, Gazelle only produces eight different bicycle models, seven of which are electric and one is analog. Despite being limited lineup, demonstrates that the company values quality over quantity.

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These three groups that Gazelle divides their bicycles into are distinguished primarily by their geometry, performance, and ride feel.

4. Perfectly Trained Urban Riding

All Gazelle bicycles are equipped with battery-powered lights, a rack attached on the back, a wheel lock, and a stand for support in addition to having puncture-resistant tires for arduous cycling.

Because they are preloaded, you won’t have to bother about include them once you make your purchase. These features make urban life easier and safe.

5. The Robustness

The ergonomic design of Dutch electric bikes puts the user in a calm position that is perfect for cruising around the city. The three families each offer a comfortable ride thanks to fork suspension, large balloon tires, upright geometry, and soft touchpoints, while having distinct geometries and componentry.

6. Powerful Motor

The engine separates a Gazelle electric bike from a regular bicycle. Power and value are what an electric bike motor should provide. You could desire to switch to Gazelle electric bikes for a variety of reasons, including their strength and effectiveness. Therefore, it should enable you to do so easily whether you use it to travel to work, wish to ride on rough terrain, or want to climb hills. 

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7. Bikes with Electric Zip

In the Netherlands, bikes are so common that one particular kind of bike has been given nationality. The comfort, sturdy construction, and feature-rich design that define “Dutch Bikes” are evident in every Gazelle bike.

The first bike manufacturer to use a front hub drum brake was Gazelle. They used hydraulic rim brakes for reliable braking in all weather conditions prior to the adoption of disc brakes. To ensure that their bikes look their best throughout the year, they even apply four layers of paint.

8. No Bike Can Ride Like a Gazelle

Even though investing in a Gazelle electric bike is expensive, you’ll probably use it regularly, possibly several times per day. To ensure that every ride is as delightful as the previous, Gazelle work hard.

Each Gazelle bike’s frame geometry has been carefully designed to guarantee that riders of various heights may find the ideal fit and that the bike rides and performs as it should. This entails steady, comforting handling, which is crucial for daily rides that may require taking one hand off the bars regularly or traversing busy streets, as well as a low center of gravity to keep the bike stable at all speeds.

Final Verdict

No one will be unimpressed with the Gazelle e-bike line. Indeed, because to its knowledge of the cycling sector, the business is able to provide clients with an incredible and ideal riding experience by making all of its expertise available to them.


There is no question that you won’t be dissatisfied if you choose a road partner from this brand by Quantum Ebikes. You can rely on this mode of transportation’s quality, sturdiness, allure, and comfort.

With more than 130 years of expertise, Gazelle has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating durable urban bikes that withstand daily usage. Their electric bicycles are the same.

Superior durability results from high-quality frame construction, name-brand components, and thorough testing. This results in one of the toughest motorcycles available.

FAQ’s Of Gazelle Electric Bikes

High-quality bicycles from Gazelle are built with components from Bosch and Shimano, two market leaders. These bicycles are perfect for casual riders and metropolitan commuters who demand comfort.

For urban riders and commuters, Gazelle electric bicycles are among the highest-quality solutions available. Bikes made by Gazelle are reliable. resilient, and relaxing to ride.

Electric motorcycles are getting lighter and lighter as battery and motor technology advances. When compared to other electric motorcycles, the average weight of a Gazelle electric bike is about 25 kg.

All Gazelle bicycles are produced in the Netherlands and have a 10-year frame warranty.

The plant where Gazelle bicycles are produced is located in Dieren, the Netherlands. Nearly 400 employees work at the company, which makes more than 2 lac bicycles. Before being transported to clients, the bikes are also painted, built, and tested within the same facility.

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