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Why is My Ebike Battery Flashing Blue? How to Fix

As the concept of e-bikes is getting popular day by day amongst urban transportation-related practices, the users of e-bikes are starting to explore more and more information about them. The most searched topics regarding e-bikes include some of those related to the bike’s battery. One question that has created quite some buzz on the online forums is “Why is my bike battery flashing blue?” We shall review this question as well as try to answer it in full detail in the lines below.

The Potential Contributing Reasons for a Blue Flashing Battery

There can be many countable reasons why the battery has been flashing blue constantly

However, we have tried to enlist some of the most common and frequent reasons for the same problem, in the lines below:

1. Low Battery Level

This is just a diagnostic measure and nothing to worry about. All the bikes that run on battery, come across such a stage during their operation when they suffer from low battery. So in many bikes, the Blue flashing light is an indication that the battery might be about to run out of charge and that you need to charge the bike once again in order to continue your ride.

Low Battery Level

2. Overheating of Battery

In many bikes, the Blue flashing light is an indication of the battery’s temperature. This might be a warning sign for the rider or the owner that the battery in the battery is overheated during the operation. if this is the problem, it needs to be addressed immediately else the battery might explode, there might be reversible damage to the battery or electrical circuit of the bike.

3. Malfunction in the System

Sometimes the battery flashes Blue due to a malfunction in the system of the e-bike. The malfunction might be present in the software that is integrated with the Electronic circuit or the microcontroller that governs the motor and the battery.

4. Environmental Causes

Batteries are suitable for operation in a close temperature range. Sometimes the manufacturer himself would specify the suitable temperature range for smooth and fine working of the battery. In such cases, the battery is not able to operate smoothly at temperatures near the freezing point.

How does this happen in practice? Well, and smart batteries there is a chip inside the batteries called Battery Management System (BMS). Amongst the other functions of this BMS, chip is to ensure that the battery works only within the specified temperature range. If the temperature is too cold, for example, near the freezing point it won’t allow the current to flow to the motor.

How to Fix the Blue Flashing Light?

Fixing the Blue Flashing Light

1. Battery Level

If the battery level is low temporarily, this is not something to worry about. This problem can be fixed by charging your battery to the full extent.

However if the battery is damaged or for some reason or it is unable to store the charge to the full capacity, that is something very serious and you need to fix it. For this purpose, you may need to inspect the battery, its terminals, or internal cells. If your problems remain unsolved, you may need to check the manufacturer of the battery and claim for warranty/guarantee, if required.

Another reason for the low level of the battery on a constant basis might be the fault in the charger. The charger may need a replacement.

2. Fixing a Battery that Overheats

As we have discussed earlier the overheating of a battery is quite a serious concern. In order to fix the Blue flashing light that is blinking or appearing due to the overheating problem you may need to remove the battery first from the bike and check it through visual inspection. If necessary, you may need to take it to the manufacturer or some nearby mechanic shop as well.

Preventive precautions in this regard include the use of a good quality charger as well as avoiding overcharging of the battery.

3. Fixing the Malfunction

In order to fix the malfunction in the e-bike, the microcontroller has to be examined. To do so, it is advised to perform the check under the supervision of a qualified mechanical technician. 

4. Dealing With the Environmental Causes

Although the blinking of a Blue light on the battery does not constitute a permanent error always. It may point towards an environmental cause, related to the BMS as discussed above.

In order to fix the issue of the Blue flashing light on the battery in this case, you may need to remove the battery and take it indoors, where you need to keep the battery for 2 hours. and charge it to the full cycle. In many cases, doing so would solve the problem


Ebikes are getting popular day by day. The battery is the most important component of an e-bike. Some users have reported that their battery keeps flashing Blue light for some unknown reason.

 We have mentioned some ways and steps to assess what causes the flashing of this Blue light as well as the respective remedial measures, to address this issue. We hope that our readers find the information mentioned above of use, and we wish them a smooth ride full of fun and enjoyment, on their e-bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the Blue light on the e-bike’s battery blink as a decorative feature?

A: No, it is not a fancy feature and in most cases, it is an indication of some problem with the battery.

Q: Can the flashing of Blue light be a frequent problem in cold areas?

A: Yes it may be the case since the batteries are suitable for operation in a close temperature range. The temperatures near or below freezing point are usually not good for battery operations.

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