Why Does My Ebike Battery Cut Out

Why Does My Ebike Battery Cut Out?

Internet users have stormed it with queries related to e-bikes, as this concept is getting popular day by day. Some of the most asked queries are regarding the batteries of e-bikes. This is because the battery is the most important component of any e-bike along with the motor. One of the questions related to the battery asked frequently on different forums is “Why does my eBike battery cut out?” We shall review what this question means and take an overview of different aspects of it. We shall try to address the question in detail, as well.

Battery Cut-Out Meaning

Battery cut-out is a term that is used in the context of a power cut-off. So when we speak this term in terms of e-bikes, it actually means that the power has been disconnected from the battery and there is no current flowing from the battery to the motor. Consequently, this may result in no assistance from the motor, and the driver or the rider of the e-bike may have to rely on the paddle power, if there is any option to do so.

Potential Reasons Contributing to Battery Cut-Out

There might be different reasons for battery cut out. These reasons may not be present in each of the cases in real life. However, we have unlisted the most common causes for battery cut-outs in the lines below :

1. Poor Battery Condition Or Low Capacity

One of the most common and frequent reasons for battery cut-out is that the battery might have been damaged or its charge depleted, which is why it might be cutting out repeatedly.

Other than that, there might be another reason associated with the battery i.e. the charge storage capacity of the battery might not be appropriate to power the bike which is why it might be cutting off during the operation, too early.

Poor Battery Condition Or Low Capacity.

2. The Connections

One of the reasons for the battery cut out during operation might be associated with the connections. The connections might not be as tight and in place as they ought to be. For example, the wires might be loose or the connection to the terminals might not be good. Similarly, the terminals of the battery might be corroded, hindering the flow of the current.

3. The Motor

The battery might be cutting out due to the motor. This reason is the largest single contributor towards this cause. Many users have reported the battery cutting out problem going to a faulty motor or one that is not in good condition. 

The question arises how does this happen? Actually, the motor overheats during the operation, and the system of the e-bike cuts off the power supply to prevent the motor from for heating up and consequent irreversible damage.

4. The Controller 

Although this is the reason that is reported much lesser in actual cases for the battery cut out, it still counts as one of the probable reasons for this phenomenon. The controller runs on a feedback system that is a Mathematical concept. There might be something wrong with the programming of the microcontroller and hence it might be signaling the battery to cut off the power whereas the actual condition of the bike might not require a power cut-off during the operation.

How to Fix the Battery Cut-Out Problem

Having discussed the most common causes for the battery cut-out problem, we now turn our face towards the remedial solutions that we can take to fix this problem. We have enlisted some of these steps as below:

1. Checking the Battery

Amongst the diagnostics and the fixes, this is the first step that you need to take because mostly the battery cut-out is related to the battery itself. You need to remove the battery from the bike and check its terminals whether they are corroded or not. 

Another thing that you can do in this regard is to charge the battery fully and then note the time that it would take to discharge completely. You may then compare this time with that taken during the operation of e bike to discharge completely i.e. cut out. In case of similar results, you may need to check with the manufacturer of the battery otherwise the problem might be with your bike.

Checking the Battery.

2. The Connections

The connections are easy to inspect through visual inspection. Loose wires can be identified and the very first site. If there are any, tighten them to ensure that the connections are in place. 

Similarly, the terminals of the battery can be viewed through visual inspection. If they are corroded, necessary steps may be taken to remove the rust or the corrosion so that the current flows through the circuit perfectly.

3. Fixing the Motor

In order to fix the motor, you may need to run it separately i.e. independently from the e-bike’s Electric circuit. This is to ensure that the e-bike is not damaged during the diagnostic testing. in case the motor is found damaged or faulty you may contact the manufacturer of e bike or whenever your guarantee/ warranty is claimable.

4. Diagnostics for the Controller

Diagnosing a faulty microcontroller is probably the easiest step in diagnosing the reason for the battery cut out of an e-bike. This is because they can be diagnosed separately in an Electrical lab with small Electrical instruments, that are necessary for testing and diagnostics.


The battery cut out might be due to many reasons. We have enlisted some of those reasons above as well as the tips for their diagnostics. We hope that the information mentioned above is sufficient for our readers to sort out the problem with their e-bikes’ battery cutting out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the weight or load of an e-bike might be the direct reason for its battery cut out?

A: No, an e-bike’s battery might not cut out solely due to its load or applied weight.

Q: Is fixing the battery cut out costly?

A: Diagnosing the battery cut-out reason might not be costly but the fix may cost as per the actual reason for the cut-out and its solution.

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