How Fast Does a 750W Ebike Go

How Fast Does a 750W Ebike Go?

E-bikes are a modern concept in the world of transportation. This concept is becoming popular. Day-by-day growing sales of e-bikes all across the world, particularly in the US and Europe are evidence of this fact. One question that often comes to the mind of potential buyers is how fast does a 750W e-bike go. There are different perspectives to answer this question we shall take a view of all these perspectives in the lines below.

The Factors Influencing the Speed of a 750W Ebike

We shall review different factors that influence the speed of a 750-watt e-bike, in the lines below:

1. Motor

The motor is the most important component of any e-bike. The operation of any bike is dependent primarily on the motor. The more the motor power, the more the speed. Similarly, the more efficient the motor, the more its speed can be. This applies to 750W e-bikes too. Apart from that motor type plays an important role in determining the speed of an ebike too. Mid-drive motors are capable of running e-bikes faster than the hub-type motors.

2. Load

How fast can a 750W e-bike go depends upon the load that is applied to it, which implies the load of the rider as well as cargo (if any). This applied load causes the friction between the tires and the road surface or the traction service to increase, which may reduce the speed of the E-bike for the same power being provided by the motor.

3. Terrain

The speed of an e-bike is also affected by the terrain on which it has to run. For example, an ebike can go quite fast on a flat surface whereas the same ebike would go quite slow on the road If the road is rugged. Similarly, the e-bikes have to go slow on the hill terrain. This is due to the headwinds that a rider has to face during his ride.

A man riding the ebike on mountain.

How Fast Does an Ebike Go?

The answer to this question is not a simple and plain one. It depends upon many factors. We are enlisting some of these factors below:

1. Legal Aspect

How fast any bike goes depends upon the legal constraints or limitations of the territory where the rider has to ride on any bike. This is because the speed limit for e-bikes is different in different states. This is not only relevant to the United States but to different countries as well.

Legal Aspect

In the US, bikes are categorized as per class. Different classes have different speed limits class 2 e-bikes can travel up to a speed limit of 20 miles per hour. Similarly, a class 3 e-bike can go as fast as 28 miles per hour.

2. A Comparison of Motor Configuration

Technically speaking about the comparison of different motor types that are used in e-bikes these days, mid-drive motors are capable of running any bike at a faster speed than hub-mounted motors. The legal speed of any bike in the United States is a maximum of 28 mph, that too for class 3 bikes. However, a mid-drive motor can speed an e-bike up to 32 mph. This does not affect the legal limit though. The hub-mounted e-bike is capable of attaining a maximum speed of 28 mph.

3. The Ergonomics

The ergonomics matter a lot. For example, the younger riders have a thirst for thrill and excitement. That is why they would like to enjoy the faster speed, driven by the motor power and therefore they would keep the pedal assist limit as high as possible. This is because the fastest speed gives than the thrill.

4. Condition of the Ebike

When we speak the term condition of the bike or e-bikes’ health, we are generally referring to the condition of the battery, the controller, the electric circuit as well as other components of any bike.

However, the most important thing is the condition of the motor as well as the battery. If the battery or the motor is too old or worn out, it may not drive the bike properly. Hence the rider may not be able to achieve the maximum legal speed limit of 28 mph. Therefore this factor affects the speed of any bike.

Consequently, we can say that how fast a 750-watt e-bike goes also depends upon the condition of the E-bike.


How far can any bike go depends upon different factors. The same applies to a 750W bike as well. We have enlisted some of these factors above. From the above discussion, one thing is clear. That pertains to the maximum legal speed limit for any bike including 750w bikes, which is 20 mph for class 2 e-bikes and 28 mph for class 3 e-bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do all the e-bikes have the same speed, regardless of their make and models?

A: No, different e-bikes have different speeds. Different manufacturers design e-bikes as per different specifications which affect the speed and performance parameters of any e-bike.

Q: Can an ebike travel as fast as 100 mph?

A: In plain theory, the answer to this question seems to be yes but the matter is not as simple as it seems to be. This has to be checked and validated as per prevalent technologies and necessary scientific calculations. Even if this is validated, it would be of no good since the maximum speed limit in the US is 28 mph for e-bikes.

Q: Does riding an e-bike fast affect the battery?

A: Yes, riding an e-bike fast affects the battery life as it causes the motor to draw more current from the battery. A battery has only a finite number of charge cycles as per useful life. Therefore riding a bike at higher speeds may reduce the battery life.

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