Does Mokwheel Basalt Have A Torque Sensor

Does Mokwheel Basalt Have A Torque Sensor?

In this modern world of innovation, everything is getting more advanced day by day. Our daily chores and activities are made so much easier by new gadgets and technological advancement. One such advancement is the development of E-Bikes. We have always been fond of moving around through bikes. E-Bikes are just a step further than normal bikes. They can be powered by electricity and can be propelled through its pedals too which assists in traveling and makes it easier to ride. An example of E-Bikes is the Mokwheel Basalt which was just recently launched and has been gaining popularity due to its distinguished features and sleek look.

Mokwheel Basalt- First E-Bike Launched

The Mokwheel Basalt is the first ever fusion of power station and E-Bike. It was launched in 2022 and is an electric bike which is known for its advanced features such as regenerative braking and torque sensors. It is designed to deliver the best performance in the most efficient way possible. The Basalt offers a mesmerizing driving experience due to the various features that accompany it. It is the perfect mix of state of the art technology and a very classy and elegant design.

Key Features of Mokwheel Basalt

Mokwheel Basalt has gained immense popularity due to its unique features that any other bike in the industry has still not been able to bring forward. These features not only attract the new generation, but are also appealing to people who have been biking for ages. Let’s explore the key features of the Basalt that make it so special and intriguing:

Powerful Motor

The Mokwheel Basalt has a motor of 500W installed in its motor which makes it a very powerful bike. Such great strength in the motor makes it easy for riders to ride uphill without any hassle.

Mokwheel Basalt Powerful Motor

Smart Display:

The smart of the Basalt is very unique and contains many features. It shows important things like speed, battery and the distance that you have traveled. It also includes a USB port that can be used to charge any of your devices.

Mokwheel Basalt Smart Display

·Highly Effective Disc Brakes:

The disc brakes on this bike have been thoroughly tested. Even if the bike is in high speed, the disc brakes will work effectively to stop the bike. This makes Mokwheel Basalt a very safe bike to ride.

Mokwheel Basalt Disc Brakes

·Regenerative Braking:

The regenerative braking technology installed in this bike means that when the bike slows down, the energy in the bike is restored and regenerated. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the bike.

Advanced Powertrain Control:

The powertrain control, more commonly known as the PCM, is a control unit installed in the E-Bike. This is known as the brain of the bike as it manages the motor based on information from different sensors. Due to the PCM, the distribution of torque is done in a very effective manner and it is ensured that the motor and battery are working seamlessly with other components of the bike.

Torque Sensor:

This is the most praised feature of Mokwheel Basalt. A Torque sensor helps in monitoring the force applied to the rotation of different components of the bike, especially the motor. Through this, we can manage our control on the bike. In the Mokwheel Basalt, Torque sensor is accompanied with a cadence sensor which measures the number of pedal rotations per minute. Both these sensors go hand in hand.

Mokwheel Basalt Torque Sensor

What is A Torque Sensor?

A torque sensor is a device that quantifies the torque applied to a rotating component of the bike. In easier words we can say that a torque sensor measures the amount of force being put on the pedals of the bike by the rider.Torque can be defined as a force that can cause rotation. The torque sensor sends signals to the bike motor which then determines how much assistance is needed to maneuver the bike through various terrains.

Advantages of a Torque Sensor?

Such torque sensors are very important in E-Bikes as they determine the power volume in the bikes. The performance of the bike can be enhanced and energy can be used more efficiently. Regenerative braking and torque vectoring are features in Mokwheel Basalt that are activated through the torque sensors. As a torque sensor ensures that required torque is delivered precisely when needed, this helps in acceleration and helps maneuver the bike more precisely. Not only this, the driving experience becomes more enjoyable due to maximized control and enhanced safety on the road. Due to the efficient use of energy in the bike, the battery life and performance is enhanced too.

Alternatives of Torque Sensor?

There are 2 important alternatives to the torque sensor present in a Mokwheel Basalt. These alternatives are Square wave encoder and software-based solutions. The square wave encoder is a very common alternative as it provides information about the speed at which the motor is rotating through which we can infer the torque present. On the other hand, software based solutions use various inputs to estimate the torque. These both alternatives are widely used by many other bike producers in the industry but they still cannot match the accuracy provided by the torque sensor which is solely dedicated to the calculation of torque unlike these alternatives which work on deduction from other factors.


As technology advances and gives us products like the E-Bikes, we need to make sure that these products not only have the best features in the market, but also are safe to use. Torque sensor is one way in which the performance and safety both can be increased in the E-Bikes. It helps in the efficient control of the bikes so that the ride is as smooth as can be and on the other hand the torque sensors help in adjusting the speed and power according to our need which helps in maximizing the level of enjoyment. Such tools are vital.

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