Introducing the Gazelle Eclipse A Premium Comfort Trekking E Bike

Introducing the Gazelle Eclipse: A Premium Comfort-Trekking E-Bike

Royal Dutch Gazelle, a renowned Netherlands-based bicycle company with a prestigious Royal position granted by the Dutch monarchy, has just revealed its newest addition to the e-bike lineup – the Gazelle Eclipse. This innovative e-bike is poised to redefine the benchmarks of relaxing and long-range cycling adventures well above urban landscapes.

Eclipse: Redefining Comfort-Trekking

The Gazelle Eclipse appears as a unique player in the e-bike empire, mainly classified as a comfort-oriented trekking electric bicycle. In line with Gazelle’s Dutch roots, it significantly stresses rider comfort by embracing a relaxed and upright riding geometry, a withdrawal from the more conventional forward-leaning stance.

Powerful and Capacious Design

One outstanding quality of the Gazelle Eclipse is its smart frame design, housing a capacious 750Wh battery within the downtube. This battery configuration assures extended cycling range while leaving plenty of space for important accessories like bike bags, improving the bike’s usefulness for prolonged biking expeditions.

Two Models for Varied Preferences

The Gazelle Eclipse is available in two different models – the Gazelle Eclipse T11 HMB and Eclipse C380 HMB, mostly varying in their drivetrains. The former boasts a Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur with 11 gears, while the latter incorporates an Enviolo internally geared CVT system, delivering step-less gear shifting within an amazing 380% gear range. Moreover, the C380 HMB model features a Gates Carbon Drive belt, famous for its quiet and low-maintenance performance.

Customized Drivetrain Choices

Gazelle’s offering of both internally geared rear hubs and rear derailleurs caters to riders’ various preferences, with the former being a common option in traditional Dutch bikes and the latter being more prevalent in the North American market.

Dutch-Style Security

A fascinating Dutch-style characteristic of the Eclipse is the integrated rear frame lock, a familiar sight on bicycles throughout the Netherlands. This quick immobilization technique, often paired with a secondary lock, adds an additional layer of protection when securing the bike.

Performance Meets Functionality

The Gazelle Eclipse incorporates features inspired by touring and trekking, such as Bosch’s powerful Performance Line CX mid-drive motor, delivering up to 85 Nm of torque, making it proficient at conquering steep hills. Complimented with the Bosch Kiox 300 display, finished with built-in navigation, this e-bike is well-equipped for long treks.

A Smooth Ride on All Terrains

With its 75 mm travel suspension fork and 60 mm wide tires, the Gazelle Eclipse delivers a comfy and safe riding experience on both paved roads and off-road tracks. The modifiable V-shape stem lets riders to fine-tune the handlebar arrangement for maximum comfort and adjust the bike’s geometry to suit their comfort.

Fully Accessorized and Secure

The e-bike comes with a built-in rear rack, fenders that hug the tires, and a complete LED lighting system, enhancing both functionality and looks. Similarly, both models of the Gazelle Eclipse are equipped with a built-in GPS tracker, assuring that riders can trace their bike if it is ever stolen. A complimentary year of insurance accompanies the bike, delivering skilled assistance in finding and retrieving stolen e-bikes or providing a replacement in case of unrecoverable theft.

Pricing and Availability

The Gazelle Eclipse C380 is available at €5,499, while the T11 HMB is priced a little higher at €5,999. These e-bikes are available in different sizes, varying from S to XL, and come in both high-step and step-through frame designs, delivering options to suit a broad range of riders.

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