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Top 5 electric cargo bikes 2024

In recent years, electric cargo bicycles have been steadily gaining popularity as a practical and eco-friendly transportation solution. These innovative vehicles, also known as e-cargo bikes or cargo e-bikes, offer a versatile and efficient alternative to traditional modes of transportation, allowing riders to carry substantial cargo while enjoying the benefits of electric assistance.

Cargo ebikes have gained traction due to their utility in carrying heavy loads. With their enhanced carrying capacity, these bikes can transport goods, groceries, or even children with ease. They are equipped with rear racks, front and rear lights, and storage space, providing ample room for various cargo items. Additionally, electric cargo bikes often feature hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring reliable stopping power even when carrying significant weight.

The top 5 electric cargo bikes of 2023 have been carefully selected on the basis of their performance, carrying capacity, and overall reliability. Among these bikes, the renowned Rad Power Bikes models stand out for their exceptional quality and versatility. Whether you’re looking for a rear cargo rack or front and rear racks for increased carrying options, these electric cargo bikes offer the ideal solution.

In the following sections, we will delve into the details of these top 5 electric cargo bicycles, exploring their specific features, capacity, and additional advantages. Whether you’re a business owner seeking a reliable delivery solution or an individual looking for a practical and sustainable mode of transportation, these electric cargo bicycles will undoubtedly meet your needs.

Best electric cargo bikes for carrying ‘loads

Following is the list of quality electric cargo bikes

1. Mycle Cargo

A white electric Cargo bike with a basket on the back.

The Mycle Cargo eBike is a game-changer in the world of urban transportation and cargo hauling. Its powerful 720Wh battery offers an impressive range, and the optional range extender doubles the capacity for even more extended journeys. You can rely on this bike to carry heavy loads as it is rated to handle up to 215 kilograms. Despite its size, the Mycle remains agile and nimble, making it easy to maneuver through crowded city streets and navigate tight spaces. The steering is light and damped, ensuring stability and a comfortable ride at both slow and fast speeds. With features like non-slip pedals, front and rear LED lights, a lockable seatpost clamp, and a double kickstand, the Mycle is designed with convenience and safety in mind.

Built with quality components such as an alloy frame, alloy fork, and large chromoly riser handlebar, the Mycle Electric Cargo Bike offers durability and reliability. The 250W 48V 65Nm rear hub motor, powered by two 48V 15Ah LG 21700 batteries, provides ample power to tackle hills and challenging terrains. The Shimano Altus seven-speed rear derailleur and shifter ensure smooth gear transitions for an efficient ride. With its adjustable stem, you can customize your riding position for optimal comfort. The CST Big Boat Anti-puncture tires and 20-inch double-wall aluminum wheels add stability and resilience to the bike’s construction. Whether you’re commuting, running errands, or making deliveries, the Mycle Electric Cargo Bike is the perfect companion, offering a powerful, versatile, and enjoyable riding experience.

2. Radwagon 4

An orange electric Cargo bike is shown against a white background.

The RadWagon 4 is the most advanced and versatile version of the popular RadWagon series. This electric bike features smaller tires that have been specially developed by Rad Power Bikes’ team of professionals and expert engineers to achieve a lower center of gravity. This innovative tire design enhances stability and control, making the bike easier to handle, especially when carrying heavy loads. The patent-pending frame design of the RadWagon 4 offers multiple points of adjustability, including a telescopic seat post and maneuverable handlebars, allowing riders to customize their riding position for optimal comfort.

Equipped with a 250W geared hub motor for pedal assist and a 672Wh lithium-ion battery, the RadWagon 4 delivers powerful performance and an impressive range of up to 72+ kilometers per charge. With a carrying cargo capacity of 158 kilograms, this e bike is one of the best e cargo bikes. The integrated rear rack provides a convenient platform to attach panniers, platforms, or baskets, allowing you to securely transport your cargo. Moreover, the bike is compatible with accessories such as child seats, enabling you to bring your little ones along for the ride. Whether you’re running errands, commuting, or enjoying family outings, the RadWagon 4 offers the strength, versatility, and comfort needed for an exceptional electric cargo biking experience.

3. Orbea Katu

A green electric Cargo bike with a basket.

The Orbea Katu Electric Cargo Bike is a distinctive and capable choice for urban transportation, particularly when it comes to carrying groceries and other cargo. Its compact size and unique design make it stand out as a competent grocery wagon, offering practicality and convenience. With Shimano TX805 Mechanical Disc brakes and a Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur, this bike provides reliable stopping power and smooth gear transitions for a seamless riding experience. The front hub motor adds an extra boost while pedaling, making it easier to navigate city streets and conquer inclines. Equipped with Kenda 841 20×2.25 Reflex tires, the Orbea Katu offers stability and traction, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride on various urban surfaces. The Orbea City Riser Alu handlebar and Orbea Alu stem contribute to a comfortable riding position, providing better visibility and maneuverability in busy urban environments.

In summary, the Orbea Katu Electric Cargo Bike is a unique and capable urban transportation solution, ideal for carrying groceries and other cargo. Its compact size, reliable components, and practical design make it a reliable and convenient choice for urban dwellers. Whether you’re running errands or commuting, the Orbea Katu offers a fun and efficient riding experience, ensuring you can navigate city streets with ease while comfortably transporting your cargo.

4. Babboe Slim Mountain

A black electric Cargo bike with a basket on it.

The Babboe Slim Mountain is a sporty and adventurous cargo bike designed for families. Its super slender frame makes it highly maneuverable, allowing for easy navigation through tight spaces. The family electric mountain bike is also very sturdy and well-balanced because the children sit in a row in front of you, providing a similar feel to riding a regular bike. The powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor with a force sensor and the stepless Enviolo (Nuvinci) shifting system make long-distance trips a delight. With a force of 70 Nm, the motor offers excellent acceleration and the capability to conquer hilly terrain. The stepless shifting system ensures seamless gear changes, providing a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Safety and comfort are paramount in the Babboe Slim Mountain. It with high quality cushion set, hip belts, and a safety bar across the seat as standard, ensuring that children have a safe and comfortable ride. The cargo bike can accommodate one or two children with its two three-point seat belts. The bike has an under-bench battery location, and the charging time ranges anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. The action radius of the bike is between 40 and 60 kilometers, making it suitable for various distances. The Babboe Slim Mountain is designed for rolling and hilly roads, offering stable road holding and the capability to handle different terrains. With its sporty and adventurous features, powerful motor, and smooth stepless shifting, the Babboe Slim Mountain is an excellent choice for families seeking a thrilling and comfortable cargo bike experience.

5. Carla Cargo Trailer

A Yellow Electric Cargo bike.

The Carla Cargo Trailer is a robust and versatile cargo trailer designed to meet your diverse hauling needs. Whether you need to transport goods as a trailer or use it as a hand cart, the Carla Cargo Trailer offers a reliable and efficient solution. With its impressive loading capacity, optimized design, and powerful motor, it ensures that you can transport your cargo with ease and confidence.

Technical Specifications:

  • Loading Capacity: The Carla Cargo Trailer can handle a load capacity of up to 150 kg as a cargo trailer (plus the rider) and up to 200 kg as a hand cart, making it suitable for various cargo hauling purposes.
  • Loading Area: With a length of 1650 mm and a width of 650 mm, the trailer provides ample space to accommodate your cargo. It is optimized for eurocrats measuring 600 x 400 mm, ensuring compatibility with standardized containers.
  • Loading Volume: The Carla Cargo Trailer offers a generous loading volume of 1.5 m³, allowing you to transport a substantial amount of goods efficiently.
  • Weight: Depending on the version, the trailer weighs approximately 52 kg for the AES version and 55 kg for the GreenPack version, striking a balance between sturdiness and maneuverability.
  • Total Dimensions: The trailer has a total length of 3050 mm and a width of 960 mm, providing stability and ample space for your cargo.
  • Colors: The Carla Cargo Trailer is available in standard colors of yellow or black, offering visibility and style on the road.

Powered by a Bafang hub motor, the Carla Cargo Trailer ensures powerful and reliable performance during your hauling adventures. The motor offers speed capabilities of up to 25 km/h as a cargo trailer, with a starting boost of up to 6 km/h for quick acceleration. The trailer is equipped with Akkuenergiesysteme LiFePO4 batteries, available in capacities of 720Wh or 1440Wh, providing a range of approximately 40-50 km or 80-100 km, depending on the battery capacity. Charging times are relatively quick, with approximately 5 hours or 8 hours required for a full charge.

how to choose from the best electric cargo bike for 2023

  • Consider the Load Capacity: Determine the maximum weight you’ll need to carry and choose an electric cargo bike with a load capacity that meets your requirements.
  • Assess Battery Range: Look for electric cargo bicycles with batteries that offer a sufficient range to cover your desired distances without frequent recharging.
  • Examine Motor Power: Consider the power of the electric motor, as it will determine how easily the bike can handle hills and heavy loads.
  • Evaluate Frame Design: Look for a sturdy and well-balanced frame design that provides stability and durability, especially when carrying heavy cargo.
  • Check Cargo Space and Configuration: Assess the cargo space and configuration to ensure it can accommodate the specific items you plan to transport.
  • Consider Handling and Maneuverability: Opt for an electric cargo bike that offers smooth handling and maneuverability, especially in tight urban environments.
  • Look for Safety Features: Check for safety features such as lights, reflectors, and reliable brakes to ensure a safe riding experience.
  • Consider Battery Charging Time: Evaluate the battery charging time to ensure it aligns with your usage patterns and allows for convenient recharging.
  • Assess Overall Build Quality: Consider the overall build quality and components used in the electric cargo bike to ensure longevity and reliability.
  • Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations: Research customer reviews and seek recommendations from other electric cargo bike owners to gather insights and make an informed decision.

Can I use my current e-bike as a cargo bike?

Yes, it is possible to use your current e-bike as a cargo bike, depending on its design and specifications. Some e-bikes are specifically designed as cargo bikes, with features such as extended frames, sturdy racks, and higher load capacities. However, if your current e-bike does not have these cargo-specific features, you can still modify it to carry some lightweight cargo by adding a rear rack or panniers. It’s important to consider the weight limits and balance of your e-bike when using it for cargo purposes to ensure safe handling and avoid overloading the bike.


These bikes combine the benefits of electric assistance with enhanced carrying capacity, making them ideal for individuals and businesses alike. The selected models, such as the Mycle Electric Cargo Bike, RadWagon 4, Orbea Katu, Babboe Slim Mountain, and Carla Cargo Trailer, stand out for their exceptional performance, durability, and versatility. Whether you’re looking for a compact urban cargo bike or a robust family-oriented option, these electric cargo bicycles provide reliable transportation solutions for a wide range of needs.

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