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Exploring the Top Dutch eBike Brands – A Guide For You!

Are you ready to transform the way you ride? Well, you don’t need to look further than the top Dutch electric bike brands!

With their reputation for producing high-quality, reliable electric bikes, these brands have become a favorite among both commuters and recreational riders alike.

Electric Bike In Middle of Road

There is a wide range of innovative electric bikes; from Gazelle to Vanmoof bikes, Dutch eBike brands are leading the charge in the electric bike revolution.

From durable cargo bikes from and Babboe, and sporty options from Koga and Sparta, there is an electric bike out there for everyone.

So, why settle for a traditional bike when you can take your ride to the next level with the top Dutch style Bike brands?

Discovering the Benefits of Dutch Electric Bikes and Their Brands

Electric bikes are becoming quite popular around the whole world, and the Netherlands is no exception. People love Dutch electric bike brands all over the whole world because of their exceptional features. These dutch bicycles are eco-friendly, efficient, and perfect for doing daily chores, especially they love to ride them on dutch streets.

With amazing features like pedal assist and powerful motors, dutch bike make cycling accessible for everyone, regardless of their age or ability.

Benefits of Dutch Electric Bike

But Dutch electric bikes aren’t just practical – they are also stylish and innovative. They have a unique design and advanced technology; best dutch bike brands like Vanmoof, Gazelle, and Koga offer a range of high-quality and reliable models that are built to last.

Still, thinking about a new and thrilling way to bike easier? Well, now, you need to consider a Dutch electric bike.

Gazelle Bikes

Gazelle, also known as Royal Dutch Gazelle, is a famous Amsterdam bicycle company that has been around for over 130 years. They intend to help people worldwide cycle like the Dutch; it is the largest bike brand in the Netherlands and even holds a Royal Warrant, indicating that they are an official supplier of road racing bikes to the Royal Family.

These Gazelle bicycles are well-known for outstanding quality and their unique and neat finish, making them stand out in any showroom. Their step-through style makes them comfortable for riders with lower back issues or those cyclists who want to have an upright position to sit properly to enjoy the view. One of their grandma bike comes with a rear rack.

Gazelle Electric Bikes Standing on Road

Gazelle offers electric mountain bike motors for those who want a more impressive riding experience, and their attention to detail on contact points such as grips, saddles, and pedals provides added comfort.

There is a wide range most models of electric bikes at Gazelle, however, some of the famous ones are:

The Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB

It is a high-end trekking e-bike with sporty performance, stable road handling, and excellent comfort.

The Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB

It features a Shimano Deore groupset, Bosch Performance line, and ergonomically-shaped handlebar grips.

The Gazelle Arroyo C5 HMB Elite

This Gazelle bike makes touring pleasure with easy access, comfortable upright seating, and a powerful motor for unrestricted movement. The gazelle bikes are known for their smoother ride and longevity.

The Gazelle Arroyo C5 HMB Elite

Urban Arrow bikes

Urban Arrow is not just a bike company; it’s a movement towards sustainable urban transportation. With a mission to create the ultimate vehicle for urban mobility, this dutch e-bike brand has designed electric cargo bikes that are sturdy, durable and adaptable to your changing needs.

Urban Arrow Electric Bike in Middle of Road

Their iconic aluminium frame is not just a pretty sight, but a symbol of their commitment to build electric bikes that are both practical and stylish.

Whether you need a spacious box or frame to carry your kids or a compact frame for easy movement, Urban Arrow gives you the freedom to choose.

The Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike

It is the ultimate solution for urban parents seeking a safe and fast way to transport their kids.

The Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike

With its lightweight aluminum frame and easy maneuverability, this e-bike allows you to easily navigate through traffic.

Urban Arrow Shorty

The Urban Arrow Shorty is a compact, electric cargo dutch bikes that is perfect for transporting goods in tight spaces.

Urban Arrow Shorty

With its sturdy frame and powerful motor, it is built to handle any urban terrain while still being lightweight and easy to ride.

Batavus Bikes

Batavus Bikes is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer that has been making bicycles since 1904. Batavus offers a wide range of bicycles, including city bike, trekking mountain bikes, and electric bikes.

Batavus Bikes Stand on Road

Their electric bikes come equipped with the latest technology, such as mid-drive motors, and are designed to provide a comfortable and smooth ride.

Batavus Senero E-go

The Batavus Senero E-go is the perfect combination of style and functionality, with an electric motor that takes the effort out of cycling.

Batavus Senero E-go Ebike

It has a sleek design which makes riding it a comfortable ride, making it a joy to ride around city and town.

Batavus Legato Easy

The Batavus Legato Easy is a stylish and comfortable e-bike with a low step-through frame that makes it easy to hop on and off.

Batavus Legato Easy Ebike

It’s perfect than traditional dutch bike for daily commutes, with features like integrated lighting, a rear carrier, and a powerful Bosch motor.

Koga Bikes

KOGA has been manufacturing premium quality bikes in the Netherlands since 1974. With a passion for cycling, their designers and engineers create a comfortable and sporty electric bike for enthusiasts worldwide.

Koga Bikes

These electric bikes with high quality materials are expertly crafted and designed; thus, KOGA electric bikes deliver superior performance and high quality materials for every rider.


With a battery cleverly incorporated into steel frame of the seat post and a high-grade belt drive, this bike offers an easy and smooth ride.


Its comfortable upright riding position ensures that you can ride for longer distances without any discomfort.


This dutch bike is the perfect choice for any cycling enthusiast looking for the ultimate touring bike.


It has a comfortable riding position and a high-grade derailleur gear system, and you’ll be able to effortlessly tackle long distances without feeling like you’re even riding an E-bike.

Babboe Bikes

Babboe is a company that specializes in cargo bikes for families. Their cargo bikes are designed with safety and comfort in mind, allowing parents to transport their children around town with ease. Babboe cargo bikes are equipped with sturdy frames, reliable brakes, and comfortable seating arrangements for both the rider and passengers.

Babboe Bikes

Moreover, with a variety of accessories and customization options, you can tailor your cargo bike to fit your family’s specific needs.

Babboe Go-E

The Babboe Go-E is a stylish and affordable electric cargo bike with high-end features. Its luxurious curved design catches the eye, while the lockable box offers ample space for your kids and even your furry friends.

Babboe Go-E

With state-of-the-art brakes and 8 modes of electric pedal assistance, the Babboe Go-E makes cycling effortless and enjoyable.

Babboe Curve-E

The Babboe Curve-E cargo bike is the perfect choice. This electric three-wheeled cargo bike is not only elegant but also packed with features, including a lockable door and innovative brakes.

Babboe Curve-E

With electric pedal assistance and a comfortable riding position, you can easily transport up to two children and all your cargo.

Sparta Bikes

Sparta has been a renowned name in the bicycle industry in the Netherlands for the last 100 years. With a commitment to innovation, creativity, and enthusiasm, Sparta has always strived to create the electric bikes of tomorrow.

Sparta Bikes

They believe in allowing people to roam around the city effortlessly and sustainably, even during traffic congestion. The Dutch brands have driven the nationwide shift towards sustainable and healthy mobility.

Sparta a-Shine Energy M8b

This own bike offers a comfortable and adjustable riding position with its adjustable stem, making your ride more enjoyable. You can effortlessly navigate the bike through any terrain with the smooth pedal assistance from the Bosch mid-mounted motor.

Sparta a-Shine Energy M8b

Its hydraulic disc brakes ensure superior braking power for a safe and secure ride. With 8 gears, you can comfortably ride this e-bike on flat and hilly terrain.

Sparta C-Ready Fit F7E

It is a versatile and reliable entry-level model is perfect for daily use in the city or countryside. With 7 gears and powerful hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll always have the control you need for any terrain.

Sparta C-Ready Fit F7E

The adjustable stem allows you to find the perfect riding position for maximum comfort. Moreover, with the front wheel motor providing instant support at the touch of a pedal, you’ll feel like you’re gliding along effortlessly.

Qwic Bikes

QWIC, a Dutch electric bike manufacturer, has been at the forefront of innovative bike design since its inception in 2006. Their mission to reduce car traffic on urban roads has been achieved through the production of affordable and high-quality electric urban bikes and speed pedelecs.

Qwic Bikes

Their bikes have won numerous awards in Europe, including the 2017 Best Folding Electric Bike award for the FN7, and the 2018 Best Speed Pedelec award for the RD10s. QWIC’s commitment to practicality.


The QWIC Urban RD9 Low-Step e-bike is perfect for navigating city life. Its rear-wheel drive, derailleur gears, and hydraulic disc brakes make it durable and easy to handle.


However, an optional front carrier adds practicality for carrying cargo.

The QWIC RD11 Speed eBike

The QWIC RD11 Speed eBike

QWIC RD11 Speed eBike lets you ride up to 28mph and glide past cars. With a rear engine, sporty derailleur gears, and new features like a Bluetooth display console and suspension seatpost, it offers both speed and comfort.

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