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The theories about utopian government are not new. These theories imply that a govt. must exhibit an ideal attitude towards its citizens. It must provide them with the conditions that are ideal for any society to thrive and grow such as equality and justice, harmony and peace as well as an environment suitable for the maximum well-being of the citizens. Although the existence of such societies is fictitious mainly, there exist many societies in our age that take steps necessary to ensure partial formation of such societies. We are going to discuss a similar program in the lines below, namely MN ebike rebate program.

MN ebike rebate program

There is a certain budget allocated to each state in the US for the execution of different developmental programs. This budget can be spent by the state in different leiu. MN ebike rebate scheme stands for the rebate offered by the State Government of Minnesota Department of Revenue on the purchase of ebike. The state’s Department of Transportation funds this. The refund amount is up to 1500$ per rebate application filing.

The purpose of this Minnesota ebike rebate program is to increase the use of domestic ebikes. Therefore it is available for only a certain range of ebikes. Minnesota State Govt. has put a cap on the speed of ebikes that are eligible for this rebate and that is 28 mph. The motor of the bike must be equal to or lesser than 750 Watts in order for the applicants to be eligible to avail this. This is to ensure that the bikers with higher specifications i.e. off-road or trail bikers don’t get the benefit of it.

Besides the specifications, MN ebike rebate program also depends upon the financial conditions of the applicant. Financial conditions in this context strictly mean the gross financial income. The state has a schedule of gross annual income for the rebates. Individuals with gross annual income less than 25000$ can avail of a maximum rebate of 1500$. For every 4000$ increase in gross income, this maximum rebate decreases by 1%. For income exceeding 125000$, the maximum rebate is 1000$. The schedule of rebate is the same for single applicants and married couples filing jointly. However, there is an exception in the schedule which relates to the cap amount. This amount is 150000$ gross for the married-couple filing jointly.

Last but not the least, there is also a limit on availing of this scheme. This is in order to assure that this scheme is not abused due to manipulation. One person can avail this scheme only once in his lifetime as per the regulations that are in vogue as of today.

Benefits of MN ebike rebate program

The primary motive of the schemes like MN ebike rebate scheme is to urge people to use non-conventional transport more often and frequently. However, there are some other implications of this program as well. We’ll discuss some of the implications of the implementation of this scheme in the lines below:

Tool for good governance

Schemes like this are helpful for the Governments of States/Counties/Provinces etc. in different countries to keep the Air Quality highly clean by reducing the pollution. This is achieved by cutting on the number of vehicles that run on fossil fuels.

Environmental impact

The Governments can proudly claim that they are contributing towards a reduction in the emission of Greenhouse gases by reducing the use of fossil fuels and hence they have an active role in fighting the worrying phenomenon of Global Warming and climate change.

Smooth traffic flow

Schemes like this mean lesser cars on the roads which results in fewer hours wasted in traffic congestion and smoother traffic flow in general.

Smooth traffic flow

Collective health-related benefits

This also results in increased physical activity among the masses on large scales. The participation of the public in such physical activities on large scales is an indicator of betterment of health related indicators on a collective level. This might be quite relieving for the Governments. This is because they might have to spend quite less in lieu of the health budget due to such a phenomenon.

Noise reduction

One of the problems that the conventional transportation modes offer is the noise pollution. Too much noise due to the traffic in big cities during the peak hours is a concern for Governments. Promoting the use of electric bikes through schemes like MN ebike rebate program is a good way to promote a quiet and soundless mode of transport amongst the citizens hence assuring that the citizens have lesser nuisance to deal with.

Economic benefits

Apart from the general benefits listed above such schemes come with some economic benefits as well. For example, although ebikes are a good mode of transportation they are suitable for one-person-per-bike kind of transportation only. Therefore if a large number of people decide to opt this mode of transportation (whatever the reason be for their decision), this would mean a large number of sales of e-bikes (which would be at least equal to the number of people). This would boost economic activity in that State or area.

Economic benefits

Similarly in some countries, there are bike sharing applications which allow people to avail a bike on rent for a fixed time. Boost of ebike usage may lead to activities resulting into development of infrastructure related to ebikes. The examples include bike parking stands and sheds, maintenance shops for ebikes and the ones for the bike related accessories.

So these economic benefits are quite huge and one must not look down upon when enlisting the benefits of schemes like MN ebike rebate scheme.


The concept of ebikes has gained popularity across the globe in the recent times. People are taking interest in use of ebikes. Yet in some countries, governments are promoting the usage of ebikes through different schemes. One such scheme is MN ebike rebate program which is offered by the Government of Minnesota (US). This scheme has many multi-dimensional implications. We have described some of them briefly in the lines above. In short, MN ebike rebate scheme has all the essential features of becoming a good state-backed scheme and the potential to become an exemplary one.

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