bike Canyon Precede ON CF 9 ST Full Review

Best electric bike Canyon Precede:ON CF 9 ST Full Review

Welcome to our in-depth review of the Canyon Precede:ON CF 9, an excellent electric hybrid bike that has caught the essence of concept bike design and brought it to life. This two-wheeled wonder, honored with the prestigious German Design Award, represents a commitment to innovation, integration, and effortless urban commuting. Rambling away from the clutter of outer cables and delivering a seamlessly integrated ebike system, the Precede:ON promises an uncomplicated and pleasant riding experience. In the following review, we will delve into its frame, motor system, components, performance, value, price, color options, weight, maximum range, and the key pros and cons that define its place in the world of urban electric bikes. Join us as we explore every facet of this remarkable ride.


The Canyon Precede:ON stands out as an embodiment of a concept bike brought to life. It gained acclaim as the winner of the 2021 German Design Award, displaying a design that prioritizes integration. Notably, this bike annihilates the clutter of outer cables, comprises integrated brake levers and a kickstand, and features a fully integrated ebike system. In essence, it caters to the needs of no-fuss, straightforward commuting.

Motor System

 At the core of the Precede:ON CF 9 is the Bosch Performance Line CX motor, generally devoted for high-end electric mountain bikes. This robust motor, paired with a substantial 500Wh integrated battery that can be easily removed for remote charging, guarantees a top-tier electric hybrid biking experience. Additionally, the Enviolo Automatiq hub, supplied with a continuously variable internal transmission, eradicates the need for conventional gears. Cyclists can even customize their cadence level, allowing the bike to adjust its gearing accordingly.


The Enviolo hub differentiates itself from traditional hub gears by offering seamless transitions across a vast 510 per cent range, resembling a setup with a large-range cassette. The Precede:ON CF 9 impresses with its frame options, offering both a normal version and a step-through model for accessibility. The bike’s cockpit showcases integration distinction, featuring the Bosch Kiox head unit seamlessly incorporated into the handlebar. This unit delivers customization choices and can be removed to immobilize the bike for added security.


The Precede:ON CF 9 excels in performance, thanks to its superbly incorporated components. The hydraulic brakes, created in collaboration with TRP, offer exceptional stopping power, complemented by the use of powerful 180mm rotors. The hidden hoses at the front and back contribute to the bike’s sleek build. Notably, the bike features a strong integrated Supernova headlight with a remote dip switch, enriching safety during nighttime rides.


 Canyon has carefully chosen contact points for ultimate comfort, including Ergon ergonomic grips and a Fizik Essenza saddle mounted on a VCLS seatpost with leaf-spring suspension. The Precede:ON also features strong Schwalbe tires, 57mm wide, competent of addressing diverse terrains. However, it’s worth mentioning that these tires add considerable weight to the bike.


 The Precede:ON CF 9 is positioned as a premium offering, with an understandably higher price tag. While there are more inexpensive options on the market, none match the Precede’s creative design and integration.


The bike’s color options may vary relying on the model and region. It’s advisable to check with the manufacturer for the general color choices.


 The Precede:ON CF 9 carries a weight of 23kg, which, while substantial, is manageable for maximum riders. Its weight is justified by the integrated motor and battery design, as well as the strong frame and components.

Maximum Range

Canyon conservatively declares a maximum range of up to 65km for the Precede:ON CF 9, given its weight reached to most Bosch-equipped ebikes. However, real-world testing has shown that riders can achieve significantly more significant distances by optimizing their riding style. Staying below the 25kph limit and relying on the motor’s assistance can result in a range of nearly 72km per full charge, making it convenient for daily commuting.

Final verdict and review summary:


  • Cutting-edge integration and design
  • High-performance Bosch motor and integrated battery
  • Enviolo Automatiq hub for seamless gear transitions
  • Superb hydraulic brakes with concealed hoses
  • Powerful integrated headlight with remote dip switch
  • Comfortable contact points and suspension seatpost
  • Robust Schwalbe tires for versatile terrain


  • Premium price point
  • Significant weight due to integrated components
  • Limited color options
  • Maximum range may vary depending on riding style and conditions.

As a whole, the Precede:ON CF 9 is a fantastic bike that deserves your attention.

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