German E-Bike Company VSC.Bike Unveils The Finn Electric Cargo Bicycle

German E-Bike Company VSC.Bike Unveils the Finn Electric Cargo Bicycle

Weighing only 30.5 kg but capable of carrying up to 185 kg, the Finn electric cargo bicycle is a fascinating new offering from VSC.Bike.

Rising Popularity and Evolution of Electric Cargo Bikes in Europe

In recent times, electric cargo bicycles have seen a tremendous rise in popularity across Europe. They are becoming the transportation choice for many, sometimes even substituting cars. These cutting-edge bicycles have undergone continuous development, enhancing their capacity to handle substantial weights while simultaneously becoming lighter and more accessible to users. A notable illustration of this advancement is the recent launch of the Finn, a novel cargo e-bike, crafted by the German company VSC.Bike.

VSC.Bike’s First Consumer-focused Electric Cargo Bike: The Finn

While VSC.Bike has been recognized for their B2B cargo bike offerings, the Finn marks a first in their consumer-focused electric cargo bike line. The Finn will be available in both electrically assisted and traditional models, with the electric variant providing additional functionality. The electric model is powered by the renowned Pendix eDrive IN, boasting an impressive torque of 70 Nm, thus enabling smooth take-offs even with substantial loads. The rear wheel hub’s gearless direct drive offers three different assistance levels, coupled with quiet and maintenance-free operation.

Innovative Battery Design and Enhanced User Experience

The distinctive feature of the Finn is its 500 Wh battery, ingeniously attached to the frame’s side, mimicking a bottle’s shape. This unique design enables energy recovery, prolonging battery life and allowing for more extended ranges when using the motor. The Finn also incorporates the Pro app, delivering crucial information about the battery’s condition and other vital statistics. This inclusion further enriches the user’s experience, simplifying the planning of longer trips, and fostering a ride filled with assurance and enjoyment.

About the company

VSC.Bike is known for offering an all-encompassing solution for bicycle fleet requirements. From factory bikes to delivery bicycles, whether motorized or traditional, they provide an adept and prompt service tailored to the individual needs of their clients. Their commitment to delivering the right, reliable, and durable complete bike sets them apart in the market. Their cargo bikes proudly carry the “Made in Germany” stamp. Produced in their facility in Allstedt, Saxony-Anhalt, VSC.Bike emphasizes using components mainly from Germany and Europe. This dedication to local quality not only ensures a high standard of craftsmanship but also enables them to react quickly to the unique wishes and necessities of their customers.

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