Mokwheel Mesa Lite ST Electric Bike Review - 2024

Mokwheel Mesa Lite ST Electric Bike Review – 2024

When it comes to the electric bike industry, Mokwheel is making its place in the market for e-bikes with bikes having different specifications and purposes, some are multipurpose as well. Mokwheels aims to sell purposeful products to the market which are also affordable by the customers.

We will discuss Mesa Lite ST, an E-Bike by Mokwheels. This bike belongs to the commuter-class but can also be used as a utility bike as it has a rear luggage rack attached to it. Mesa Lite ST has electric motors that work along the pedals, meaning the pedals are assisted with the electric motors as you ride. This is a modern minimal bike, an E-bike that serves the best for everyday use. It comes equipped with high power and long lasting electric motors, a tough build to get through all the rough roads and hilly areas, a comfortable seat and information display to make it more user friendly. The bike can be adjusted to how you want it and it’ll last a whole 50 miles of distance. It has a lot to offer especially for everyday use at a less price.

Specifications of the bike

  • The bike has a range of good 50 miles on a single charge
  • A 75 watts 48 Volt motor is used on the rear axle
  • It has a total weight capacity of about 300 lbs
  • The curb weight of the bike is 57 lbs
  • Top speed touches 28 MPH while pedals being assisted
  • The bike comes with Mechanical brakes
  • Has a rear rail for luggage support
  • It comes with a Shimano 7 – Derailleur
  • Integrated headlight
  • LED Information Display

Enduring Performance

The Mesa lite ST comes equipped with big Lithium-ion batteries to last long enough a distance a person would normally in a day. Safety, work life and efficiency is improved due to these long lasting batteries.

Longer Range

No headache of charging over and over again at different charging spots. You get a range of whole 50 miles by charging the bike for just 4 to 5 hours and you are good to go where you want over a distance.

Mokwheel Mesa Lite Longer Range

Smaller 27.5 inches tyres

These tyres unlike the big 29 inch ones are very responsive and comfortable for everyday use. They also add to the compact and sleek look of the bike making it perfect for everyday use.

The LED Display

On this bike you get a really user friendly and cool looking LED Display of information which can also be used to customize the bike according to how you want it to be. It’s a simple 3 button display that can be used to get all information and modifications as to how its suitable to you.

Mokwheel Meta Lite LED Display

Capacity and Performance

The Mesa Lite ST is a sleek smart bike which can carry 300 lbs easy. It has a robust build which ensures the longevity and strength of this modern e-bike. The bike has an electric motor of 350W which is silent and brushless and produces a torque of 90 Nm+, this makes it easy to perform the best and carry weights up to 300 lbs easily on even hills or rough roads.

Pros and Cons of Meta Lite ST


  • Firstly the range, you don’t have to repeatedly charge the bike unlike many others to go through a whole day, It has a great range even on a single full charge
  • There is no worry of thumb pains or strains as the thumb throttle button is very safe and comfortable, made with premium material.
  • The tail light which is even better and integrated is a great feature to the beauty and safety of the bike, especially at night.
  • Robust build will ensure the durability of the bike and rider’s safety, no matter where you go.
  • You get the very beautiful LED display that operates easily with 3 buttons providing you all information and allowing the riders to adjust the settings as they wish to.
  • The price tag is just so affordable, when comparing it with the other bikes in the market of the same range.


The Mechanical brake is not everyones cup of tea, some people prefer hydraulic brakes. The Mechanical brakes are good but they are not as long lasting and precise as hydraulic brakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Mesa Lite ST weigh?

The bike weighs around 57 lbs. For what it offers and the price its quite a reasonable bike if you use bikes frequently or everyday, this would not make you feel any lag or discomfort due to its weight.

The Meta Lite ST is a class 2 bike?

Yes the Meta Lite ST is a class 2 bike, meaning that the bike is pedal assisted with electric motors. You can pedal the bike, and with the throttle button you can control the electric motor and ride without paddling as well.

What is the travel range of Meta lite?

The Meta Lite ST can easily travel up to 50 miles. This means that you charge the bike once fully and you have a pretty solid range to ride on. People who use e-bikes on a daily basis can easily ride around everyday even while carrying load or riding through rough or hilly areas.

Should you buy the Mesa Lite ST or not?

The Mesa Lite ST is an urban-bike, modernly designed and is equipped with an advanced LED display. The bike has a lot to give when it comes to its performance, the torque and the range have no match, the assisted paddling with long lasting electric batteries make it a very solid experience. The user interface of the LED display being simple and allowing the adjustments cuts out all the boring parts of the journey.

The best factor to consider when deciding on buying Mesa Lite ST is the price. The 50 miles range, the power, durability and design of the bike in the price you pay for it is really a steal. There is no bike in the market that offers this many features at such low price. The Mesa Lite ST should definitely be the one to opt for when choosing your E-bike!

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