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Yuba Super Cargo E-bike – Full Review

Introducing the Yuba Supercargo CL—a captivating fusion of practicality and exhilaration. With its impressive 8.5-foot frame, this cargo bike commands attention and opens doors to a world of boundless possibilities.

At first glance, the Supercargo CL captivates with its confident presence. But its appeal runs deeper than aesthetics. The ingeniously designed centre stand effortlessly supports heavy loads, offering stability and convenience.

Whether you’re loading or parking, this bike is a reliable companion. Take to the streets and experience the thrill of motion. With a low centre of gravity, the Supercargo CL ensures unwavering stability, empowering you to navigate urban landscapes easily. Embrace the freedom of the open road as you effortlessly glide past obstacles.

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What truly sets the Supercargo CL apart is its remarkable hauling capacity. This bike thrives on challenges, effortlessly carrying substantial loads while ensuring your cargo remains secure. It’s a reliable partner for transporting groceries, equipment, or cherished belongings.

With the PowerPack 500 Battery, enjoy speeds of up to 20mph and an impressive range of 60 miles per charge. Embrace the joy of the journey, knowing you have the power to conquer any distance.

The Yuba Supercargo CL shines brightly in a world where exceptional experiences define value.

It combines functionality, innovation, and excitement in a single package. Unleash your adventurous spirit and let the Supercargo CL transport you to a realm where practicality meets unbridled joy—a ride like no other.


Starting at a competitive price of $6,000, this great bike offers exceptional value that won’t break the bank. The Supercargo CL stands out as a beacon of affordability without compromising quality in a market where cargo bikes can easily reach the $6,000 to $8,000 range or more.

But that’s not all—Yuba understands that personalization is key. With the Supercargo CL, you can customize and enhance your ride by adding accessories tailored to your needs. From additional storage options to practical add-ons, the choice is yours.

Ordering your Supercargo CL is easy. Visit the Quantum website to explore the various options and effortlessly customize your dream bike. If you prefer the personalized touch of a local dealer, fear not—Yuba has got you covered. Utilize the dealer locator on their website to find the authorized dealer nearest you, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience.

The Supercargo CL: A Mighty Hauler with Unmatched Stability

Unleash the true potential of cargo transportation with the awe-inspiring Supercargo CL. This mighty bike, weighing 88.2 pounds, stands ready to conquer any load you throw. However, be prepared to make space for this beast, as its size demands a garage or storage shed rather than apartment living.

Ignite the thrill of the ride with the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor+, which propels the Supercargo CL to a maximum speed of 20mph. Paired with the PowerPack 500 Battery, having 250W and 36V power, this bike promises an impressive range of up to 60 miles per charge, depending on your cargo and assist level.

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Experience the exhilarating freedom as the assist gracefully fades at 20mph, allowing you to conquer the road under your power. Fear not, for stability remains unwavering, even at higher speeds.

With Shimano’s Deore 10-speed drivetrain and the formidable Magura MT5 Next hydraulic disc brakes, the Supercargo CL has an impressive spec that enhances your riding experience. Shift effortlessly through the gears while revelling in the confidence-inspiring stopping power of the brakes—a combination that perfectly complements this exceptional cargo bike.

Yuba’s commitment to superior engineering shines through in the Supercargo CL’s design. With 20-inch wheels and a low frame, it has the lowest centre of gravity among cargo bikes.

This design choice and its sturdy construction ensure unparalleled stability while riding and securely parked on the center stand. Mounting and dismounting are a breeze, thanks to the step-through frame design, providing seamless starts and optimal saddle positioning.

The Supercargo CL embraces versatility, accommodating 5′ up to 6’5″ riders. It even allows for quick adjustments to suit different riders.

Cargo Capacity

Yuba proudly declares an impressive carrying capacity of up to 440 pounds—a testament to its robust construction. Whether you’re a commercial operator seeking ample payload or a parent yearning to transport your little ones, this bike delivers.

The front cargo box alone has a staggering 220-pound capacity, allowing you to transport a substantial load easily. The rear rack adds another 80 pounds to the equation, completing a dynamic duo of carrying capability. As you gaze upon the cargo space, you’ll find ample dimensions to accommodate your cargo—over 35 inches from front to back at the top and approximately 23 inches at the bottom.

The cargo box measures 26 inches at the rear, offering generous space for your belongings. At the front, you’re greeted with 22 inches across, providing flexibility in arranging your cargo.

While the Supercargo CL sets the bar high in capacity, those seeking the utmost payload capability may consider exploring Triobike’s Cargo bike, offering an impressive 507 pounds of carrying capacity.

However, for parents, the Supercargo CL becomes an irresistible choice. With the ability to carry up to four children—three in the cargo payload and an additional seat (sold separately) mounted behind the rider—it caters to the needs of adventurous families. Remember that the three front seats accommodate smaller kids more comfortably, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.


Beyond its convenient center stand, the Supercargo offers an array of impressive features that set it apart from the competition. What truly stands out is its exceptional stability and easy manoeuvrability, surpassing most, if not all, of its direct rivals. Starting from a standstill is a breeze, thanks to the low center of gravity provided by the 20-inch wheels, ensuring a steady ride without swaying.

The overall ride experience with the Supercargo is top-notch. Every aspect is designed for a seamless and enjoyable journey, from the user-friendly Bosch handlebar controls to the responsive pedal-assist system. However, road vibrations and bumps can slightly impact the ride quality, as these sensations may be transferred through the frame.

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Regarding parking and securing the Supercargo, its larger size can present some challenges. Finding suitable parking spaces may require extra consideration, and having an extra-long lock on hand is advisable for added convenience and peace of mind. This way, you will be able to handle tight spaces and compromise the bike’s security.

Battery Life

Yuba delivers on its promise of an impressive range with the Supercargo, offering up to 60 miles on a single charge. Although the bike was not tested for that specific mileage, the battery life proved remarkable even while riding with the highest assist level.

During extended rides, the battery indicator consistently showed a full charge, demonstrating the reliability of the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor+ and its batteries.

Positioned conveniently in front of the rider, behind the cargo area, the battery can be easily removed using the provided key. Yuba ensures user-friendly access and handling of the battery, allowing for seamless operation.

You can enjoy your rides without worrying about running out of power, as Yuba’s commitment to quality and reliability shines through in the long-lasting battery life. Discover the convenience of a seamlessly integrated power source as you embark on memorable adventures with the Supercargo.


The Supercargo offers a wide range of accessories tailored primarily for families with children. While it focuses on family-oriented features, there are options for straightforward cargo hauling.

The bamboo baseboard is a great starting point for those seeking straightforward cargo transportation, priced at just $50. To enhance your cargo-hauling capabilities, consider the Bamboo Box Supermarché, priced at $250, which adds convenient side boards.

The Bamboo Box Seat Kit Supercargo is available for $150 to accommodate your little ones, providing a comfortable padded seat and sturdy bamboo support for safe kid-hauling adventures. Alternatively, the Open Loader Seat Kit Supermarché, priced at $200, offers a fabric lining over the bamboo for added comfort and style.

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The Cargo Canopy Supermarché offers invaluable coverage and protection from the elements for an essential upgrade, albeit at a higher cost. This coveted accessory is a game-changer, exceptionally when persuading the kids to join you on rainy or snowy days. Of course, deciding to venture out in such weather conditions is a personal choice.

Expanding your seating options, the 2be3 seat is a fantastic addition, priced at $200, allowing for a third seat in the front cargo area. It’s a rear-facing seat that securely mounts near the front wheel side of the cargo bay. And if you require an additional seat, the Yepp Maxi EasyFit seat, priced at $250, can be mounted behind the rider, providing room for a fourth child.

The Open Loader Supercargo is ideal if your focus is solely on cargo transport and not child seating. With a price tag of $200, it offers a spacious area for effortlessly tossing in your cargo.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Yuba Super Cargo Electric Bike represents a remarkable fusion of sustainability, versatility, and convenience. With its powerful electric motor, expansive cargo capacity, and user-friendly design, it revolutionizes urban commuting. Thus, this e-bike is a game-changer, enabling a greener and more efficient way of getting around while embracing the future of mobility.

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