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Yuba electric cargo bike Spicy Curry – Full Review

Get ready to revolutionize your cargo-hauling experience with the Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike. This remarkable ride combines advanced technology, unparalleled power, and a sleek design to meet all your transportation needs. However, the star of the show is the Bosch electric motor. It provides a great boost that effortlessly propels you even under full load or uphill.

This e-cargo bike has an innovative and improved design, including a lowered cargo rack, which brings stability and maneuverability. Its low center of gravity ensures that carrying heavy loads is a breeze. It makes it feel as if the weight is hardly noticeable. But wait, there’s more! With the great addition of Carry-Ons and Sideloaders, your cargo rack transforms into a versatile square loading platform. You can accommodate large boxes, bags, and much more. Plus, the specially designed 2-Go Cargo Bags offer ample storage space, eliminating worries about limited capacity.

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As if the Spicy Curry couldn’t get any better, there’s the All-Terrain version for those seeking off-road adventures. Equipped with an additional suspension fork and the mighty Bosch CargoLine engine, this rugged transport bike is perfect for adventurous cyclists who want to explore mountainous landscapes without compromising on power or performance. Whichever Curry cargo bike you choose, you’ll have many accessories for every everyday situation. 


Priced at just $5,199.00, this remarkable electric bicycle combines modern technology with great performance, making it an exceptional value for your investment.

Performance and Handling

The Bosch CargoLine motor in the Yuba Spicy Curry like Yuba Super Cargo e-bike, is a force to be reckoned with. It delivers an awe-inspiring torque that propels you forward with exhilaration. Whether navigating busy city streets or conquering challenging terrains, this powerful motor is your steadfast companion, providing the extra push you need to tackle any journey. 

Conquer the Heights: 

Steep inclines and daunting hills are no match for the Yuba Spicy Curry. Equipped with the robust Bosch CargoLine motor, this electric cargo bike effortlessly conquers an uphill battle. Feel the exhilaration as you effortlessly ascend, leaving behind the days of grueling climbs and fatigue. With this electric cargo bike as your trusty steed, you can confidently explore new heights and discover breathtaking vistas without a sweat.

Smooth Sailing:

Comfort and ease are at the heart of Yuba Spicy Curry’s design. This electric cargo bike offers a remarkably smooth and enjoyable riding experience, even with heavy loads or multiple passengers. The combination of its lowered cargo rack design and well-balanced frame ensures stability, making each journey a seamless adventure. 

You can glide through the streets with grace and elegance, relishing freedom as you effortlessly transport your cargo.

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A Champion’s Pedigree: 

The Yuba Spicy Curry earned accolades and recognition, including the prestigious Eurobike Gold Award in 2015. This honor is a testament to its exceptional performance, outstanding design, and innovative features. Join the ranks of those who have experienced remarkable capabilities. Moreover, you can embark on a journey celebrated and acknowledged within the biking community. With its award-winning pedigree, you can trust that you’re riding a cargo bike that is a cut above the rest.

Regarding performance and handling, it exceeds expectations on every front. Its powerful Bosch CargoLine motor delivers an exhilarating torque propels you forward with excitement. You’ll effortlessly conquer steep inclines and challenging terrains, exploring new heights with ease and confidence. 

Thus, even with heavy loads or multiple passengers, the Spicy Curry offers a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its well-engineered design.

Cargo Hauling Capabilities

The Yuba Spicy Curry is a game-changer in cargo hauling, thanks to its lowered cargo rack and 20-inch rear wheel. This innovative design feature brings a world of advantages to your cargo transportation needs. The lowered cargo rack enhances the bike’s aesthetics and contributes to increased stability and improved maneuverability. It is combined with the 20-inch rear wheel and offers a lower center of gravity.

A Family-Friendly Ride:

 Say goodbye to the hassle of transporting your little ones because the Yuba Spicy Curry is built to accommodate your entire family. With its exceptional cargo-hauling capabilities, you can comfortably carry two kids on board without compromising stability or safety. Whether it’s daily trips to school or weekend outings to the park, it ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride for you and your precious cargo. Experience the joy of family adventures with a cargo bike that puts your loved ones at the center of the journey.

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Versatility Redefined:

 The Yuba Spicy Curry’s cargo rack is a versatile platform that adapts to your ever-changing needs. With Carry-Ons, Sideloaders, and 2-Go Cargo Bags, you have a range of options to customize your cargo-hauling experience. Need to transport large boxes or bulky items? The Carry-Ons and Sideloaders transform your cargo rack into a spacious loading platform capable of securely holding various items. 

For those smaller essentials, the purpose-designed 2-Go Cargo Bags offer ample storage space, ensuring you never have to worry about running out of room. 

No Limits to Storage: 

This electric cargo bike offers ample space to accommodate various items, from groceries and backpacks to sports equipment and picnic essentials. With its thoughtfully designed cargo rack and versatile accessories, you can confidently take on any errand or adventure without limitations. 

The Yuba Spicy Curry sets new standards in cargo hauling capabilities. Its lowered cargo rack and 20-inch rear wheel combine to provide increased stability and ease of carrying heavy loads, making it ideal for transporting your belongings and your precious little ones. 

The versatility of the cargo rack, with the addition of Carry-Ons, Sideloaders, and 2-Go Cargo Bags, allows you to adapt to various cargo sizes and transport needs. With ample storage space, this cargo bike eliminates concerns about limitations, empowering you to bring everything you need for your journey. 

All-Terrain Capability (Spicy Curry All-Terrain)

The Yuba Spicy Curry All Terrain version is the ultimate companion for those seeking the thrill of off-road exploration and conquering mountainous landscapes. Designed to take your riding experience to new heights, this rugged and versatile electric cargo bike is built to withstand the challenges of off-road adventures. 

The Spicy Curry All Terrain version has an additional suspension fork, taking its off-road performance to the next level. This feature ensures a smoother and more controlled ride, absorbing the impact of rugged terrains and uneven surfaces. With the enhanced suspension, you can confidently navigate through rocky trails and tackle bumpy paths, experiencing a ride that is both exhilarating and comfortable.

It retains the powerful Bosch CargoLine engine, providing you with the same exceptional torque and performance as its urban counterpart. This means you can effortlessly climb steep inclines, power through challenging off-road conditions, and conquer any adventure that lies ahead. 

Accessories for Every Journey: 

Whether you’re embarking on a family outing or a solo escapade, this cargo e-bike offers a wide range of available accessories to cater to your specific needs and situations. From practical cargo bags and racks for carrying supplies to secure mounting options for up to two Yepp child seats, this electric cargo bike ensures you’re fully equipped for any adventure. 

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Moreover, you can customize your ride with accessories that enhance functionality and convenience, allowing you to fully embrace the spirit of exploration.

Family Adventures Made Easy:

 The Spicy Curry All Terrain doesn’t compromise on its family-friendly nature. With the ability to accommodate up to two Yepp child seats, you can still enjoy the thrill of off-road riding while safely transporting your little ones. 

Perfect Fit for All:

The Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike ensures that riders of all heights can experience its exceptional performance. With easier handling specifically designed for riders under 6 feet tall, this bike accommodates a wide range of individuals. It is accessible to everyone. 

Power and Endurance:

This cargo bike is powered by the mid-drive Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor and the reliable PowerPack 500 Battery. This dynamic duo delivers exceptional performance, allowing you to conquer long distances and challenging terrains without compromise. 


In conclusion, the Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike is a testament to the perfect fusion of power, versatility, and thoughtful design. From its exceptional handling for riders under 6 feet tall to the Steady Stay Technology that enhances ride quality, every aspect is crafted with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. It is powered by the mid-drive Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor and the PowerPack 500 Battery. Moreover, it delivers the performance and endurance needed to tackle any journey. With a commitment to uncompromising quality and high-quality components, Yuba ensures a ride that exceeds expectations. Thus, experience the joy of effortless transportation and embark on a journey that combines practicality, style, and unrivaled performance.

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