Veloretti Ace Two Electric Review.

Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike – Review

Introducing the Veloretti Ace Two and Ivy Two e-bikes, the newest options in Europe to bring an all-new cycling experience for you. Veloretti has designed these electric bicycles to offer a perfect blend of power and elegance, combining style and substance. 

The Ace Two features a traditional stepover design, while the Ivy Two offers a sleek and convenient step-thru model. These bikes deliver a strong 65 Nm torque effortlessly with an excellent 250W Bafang mid-motor. 

Veloretti Ace Two Electric Bike Review.

Moreover, the removable 540 Wh battery ensures an impressive range of 60 to 120 km and 37 to 75 miles. Hop on these quiet yet powerful e-bikes for your next adventure that redefines convenience and performance on the road.

Let’s talk about Veloretti Ace Two more in-detail:

How Does Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike Work?

The Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike works smoothly and silently. To make it simpler, it mixes electricity with pedaling. The bike’s 250W Bafang mid-motor engages and provides additional power. This is especially helpful when traveling long distances or uphill.

A 540 Wh detachable battery is a feature of the bicycle. It may be charged by connecting it to a standard power outlet. Depending on how and where you ride, the battery allows you to ride the e-bike for 60 to 120 kilometers after it has been fully charged.

Additionally, you may change Ace Two’s degrees of help to suit your tastes. This allows you to tailor your riding experience by letting you decide how much assistance you want from the motor.

The Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike combines electric power and pedaling to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

More Details Of Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike

Veloretti Ace Two isn’t just a means of transportation; there’s much more to it. So, let’s uncover that.

A Silent Force That Helps You Get There

You can experience the impressive power of the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike as it silently propels you with its 250W Bafang mid-motor. This e-bike effortlessly assists you during challenging rides or uphill climbs, making your journey easier.

You have the freedom to cover any distance with its 540 Wh detachable battery. Explore comfortably within a range of 60 to 120 kilometers, knowing you won’t run out of power.

Unleash the silent power of the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike and enjoy the thrill of effortless riding that takes you wherever you want to go.

Safe And Sound

The Electric Ace Two puts your safety first with its built-in safety tracking function. Simply push the handlebar button to rapidly alert your family and friends of where you’re at and provide yourself more protection in any uncertain circumstance.

When crossing bustling city streets or setting out on remote adventures, the confidence of speedy notice is only a button away. However, the tracking feature automatically shuts off after one hour, protecting riders’ safety and privacy.

The Electric Two has blazingly quick stopping power and features excellent hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano. As a result, you may ride with assurance knowing that you will always be responsive and in complete control. 

HyperBolic Lights

The HyperBolic Lights of the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike is an innovation in visibility and safety. They are strategically positioned on the front and rear; these innovative lights ensure you are seen from all angles. These lights enhance your safety on the road.

Moreover, the advanced technology in these lights will ensure you don’t blind the opposite traffic even while using the high beams.

Product Specification.

The HyperBolic Lights provide a more comprehensive visibility range with an expanded illumination field. Their powerful and focused beam lights up your path, allowing you to ride confidently even in low-light conditions.

Not only do these lights improve safety, but they also add a sleek and modern touch to the Ace Two’s design. They are uniquely integrated into the bike’s frame and they enhance its overall aesthetics.

Hence, experience the ultimate combination of safety and style with the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike’s HyperBolic Lights, keeping you visible and protected throughout your rides.

Easy To Charge

The Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike is amazingly simple and practical to charge. The e-bike offers an easy-to-use charging mechanism that makes charging hassle-free.

You must take the 540 Wh battery from the bike’s box to charge the Ace Two. Once the battery has been removed, you can easily use the included charger to connect it to a regular power outlet.

The battery of the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike charges quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal downtime. Although the charging time may vary, it won’t take long before your battery is ready to go, allowing you to resume your ride promptly.

Keeping your e-bike charged is effortless with the user-friendly charging system of the Veloretti Ace Two. I i’s designed to provide convenience and simplicity, enabling you to easily maintain the power supply of your e-bike. You can enjoy the hassle-free experience of managing your e-bike’s charging needs.

Removable Battery

The Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike may be charged conveniently at any time or place. You may travel far and wide with confidence because of the long-lasting performance of Veloretti’s exclusive battery architecture. 

This powerful battery lets you go off on exciting trips without worrying about running out of power with a remarkable range of u to 120 km.

A Power full and Removeable battery.

The Ace Two provides a detachable, unique battery pack that can be easily removed from the bike if a recharge is necessary. 

The battery of the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike can be charged using any standard electrical outlet, making the process hassle-free owing to its practical design. All you need is to simply disconnect, charge, and quickly get back on the road, fully charged and ready for your next exciting journey.

Maintenance Free Rides

This incredible electric bike is designed to require less regular maintenance, letting you fully enjoy your excursions without always having to make time-consuming repairs or adjustments.

The Ace Two has durable materials and premium components to guarantee dependability and longevity. Every part of the bike, from the frame to the drivetrain, has been painstakingly built to withstand the rigors of daily use while enabling a smooth and worry-free ride.

The advanced technology used in Ace Two’s electric system also requires less maintenance. Thanks to sophisticated power management and effective components, your e-bike is designed for durability and performance, allowing you to ride confidently.

You can say goodbye to the hassle of regular maintenance and welcome the freedom of maintenance-free rides with the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike. Concentrate on the inherent joy of cycling without the interruption of ongoing maintenance.

Always In Full Control

With the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike, maintain total control. With improved control and accuracy, this outstanding electric bicycle ensures you are always in charge of your journey.

The Ace Two is built with cutting-edge features that put rider control first. This vehicle’s snappy handling and sturdy frame geometry allows you to ride safely and confidently across any terrain.

High-performance hydraulic disc brakes are included, enabling the Ace Two to provide outstanding stopping force and precise modulation. You can rely on these brakes to bring you to a smooth and controlled stop even in difficult or unforeseen situations.

The Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike keeps you in control, whether negotiating congested city streets or tackling meandering country routes. Experience the freedom and confidence to ride, knowing that you can handle any situation that comes your way.


  • The Ace Two has a sleek and modern design
  • Ace Two offers a powerful and efficient riding experience
  • The removable 540 Wh battery provides an impressive range of up to 120 km 
  • The battery can be easily detached and charged
  • The HyperBolic Lights improve visibility
  • The Ace Two is designed to minimize the need for frequent maintenance


  • This e-bike has a limited selection of color choices
  • A little expensive if considered side by-side by features
  • The Ace Two may be slightly heavier than traditional non-electric bicycles


You can ride with power and style on the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike. Its cutting-edge construction and efficient functioning seamlessly blend beauty and functionality. 

You won’t have to worry about longer journeys if you own this bike. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about running out of gasoline because this bike has a removable 540 Wh battery and an excellent range. 

The HyperBolic Lights make driving more visible and safe, and their simple maintenance requirements provide a hassle-free experience. If you care for the opposite traffic, so does these hyperbolic lights.

Despite its limited color options and somewhat higher price points, which may be considerations, the Ace Two’s superb features and control make it a top choice for riders searching for a durable and enjoyable electric bicycle. 

Enjoy your journeys like never before by embracing the independence, ease, and flair of the Veloretti Ace Two E-Bike.

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