Fiido Electric bike X Folding Model Review

Fiido Electric bike X Folding Model Review-2023

In contemporary evaluations, the Fiido X folding electric bike has arisen as one of the most visually attractive e-bikes on the market. Users have especially enjoyed navigating it through the diverse terrains of Colorado. Earlier in the year, Fiido identified an issue with the frame in the bike’s initial version and promptly addressed it, recalling and replacing affected units. The updated Version 2 model has garnered acclaim for its robust handling, even when sustaining riders who weigh as much as 242 pounds.

Design and Aesthetics

For urban dwellers in search of an e-bike that gives both aesthetic appeal and superior construction, the Fiido X is a tempting option. Its frame, a captivating turquoise color, is constructed from a durable magnesium alloy, adding to the bike’s concrete feel without sacrificing design. The unique crank position, located at the base of the seat post, and the neatly-arranged chain leading to the rear wheel contribute to the minimalist aesthetic. Despite its streamlined look, the bike does have a considerable weight of 43 pounds, imparting a sense of quality and durability.


The bike’s design features are also functional cables are discreetly located at the front handlebars, the battery is cleverly integrated into the seat post, and the torque-sensing system ensures smooth assisted pedaling. All these features make the Fiido X a highly recommended option for those seeking a foldable, urban e-bike.

Performance and Ride Experience

On the performance side, while many e-bikes offer both pedal assist and a throttle, the Fiido X incorporates only a pedal assist, supplemented by a seven-speed Shimano shifter to assist with hill climbs. The torque sensor’s algorithms have been lauded for providing the smoothest assist experience to date. The shifter works seamlessly, making for a pleasant uphill journey. However, users have noted that the model tested was limited to 15 mph assistance, though the US rendition can reach up to 20 mph. An update from Fiido to reflect speeds above the assist limit on the bike’s display would be a welcomed addition.

Additional Features and Reliability

The hydraulic disc brakes on the Fiido X provide trustworthy and quick-stopping power. While the handlebar grips are typically comfortable, some users suggest that ergonomic padding might improve longer rides. The seat design is minimalist but can easily be replaced for those seeking extra comfort. Integrated lighting components and reliable tire, wheel, and pedal designs also add to the bike’s commendable performance.

Battery Life

As for the battery, although it’s rated for up to 80.7 miles, tests reveal that it may deliver around 70 miles of support, especially for heavier riders.

Pricing and Value

Priced at $1,799, the Fiido X currently comes with complementary fenders and a kickstand, adding an additional value of $67. For city riders in search of an e-bike that combines a smooth assist experience with an elegant design and high-quality construction, the Fiido X should be at the top of the consideration list.


  • Frame: Magnesium alloy
  • Motor size: 250W/350W brushless geared motor
  • Pedal assist: 3 levels
  • Range: 80.7 miles with 250W motor and 68 miles with 350W motor
  • Top speed: 15.5 mph (250W) and 19.2 mph (350W)
  • Battery capacity: 417.6 Wh
  • Display: Integrated LED display with USB charging port
  • Lights: Front and rear LED included
  • Gears: Shimano 7-speed
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc
  • Fenders: Front and rear included
  • Water resistance: IPX5
  • Tires: 20 x 1.95 inches
  • Folded size: 79.4 x 35 x 80.3 cm
  • Riding, unfolded, size: 149 x 58.7 x 107 cm
  • Payload capacity: 265 pounds
  • Bike weight: 43 pounds

We hope this assessment helps you if you’re thinking about buying a folding electric bike. With its good looks, smart characteristics, and firm performance, the Fiido X is definitely worth considering.

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