Nakto Electric Bike Review

Nakto Electric Bike Review

Nakto 26″ Cargo Electric Bike is an ultra-budget ride that surprises with its full-sized Dutch-style design and versatility. It costs just $599, and this electric bike has a 250W motor that feels more powerful than expected, making city commuting a breeze.

The Nakto e-bike handles well on city streets and light trails with a comfortable upright seating position and a front suspension fork. It even comes with a front basket and rear rack for convenient cargo hauling.

However, some cost-cutting measures are evident, such as the plastic material used for the basket and possible cheap fuses in the battery. But hey, for the price, it’s hard to complain too much.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a basic, full-sized electric bike for light use, the Nakto 26″ Cargo Electric Bike could be the perfect fit. If you want to know more about this e-bike, continue reading this review.


Motor Power250W rear-geared hub motor
Battery36V 10Ah battery
Range25-50 km (15-30 mi) range
Charging Time6 hours
Weight32 kg (70 lb)
Max Load Capacity113 kg (250 lb)

My First Impression of This E-Bike

When I first laid eyes on the Nakto Cargo Electric Bike, I was pleasantly surprised. For a wallet-friendly $599, it offered a sleek and full-sized Dutch-style design. None of those odd shapes or tiny frames you sometimes find in budget e-bikes. It looked like a proper city bike, ready to take on the urban rides. The front basket and rear rack are great extras, making it practical for running errands or carrying some groceries. 

I hopped on and instantly appreciated the comfortable seating position – perfect for an exciting ride around town. The front suspension fork promised a smooth ride on both streets and light trails. It felt like a do-it-all bike. 


This electric bike has a solid and well-built full-sized Dutch-style frame that feels sturdy on the road. Its suspension fork adds a touch of comfort, making it suitable for light trails and city streets alike. The front basket and rear rack offer practical cargo-carrying capabilities, while the overall design exudes a versatile, all-around appeal. 

However, it is worth noting that the plastic material used for the basket might not live up to expectations, leaving room for improvement in the build quality. Despite this, the Nakto e-bike confidently embraces its identity as a city cruiser and proves to be a budget-friendly option for riders seeking a reliable, everyday e-bike.

Full-sized Dutch-style Frame

The Nakto 26″ Cargo Electric Bike’s full-sized Dutch-style frame offers a classic design that appeals to riders of all genders. It has a step-through frame which enhances its aesthetic charm but also ensures easy mounting and dismounting. However, this e-bike is practical for everyday use. 

The unisex appeal of this design allows anyone to confidently hop on and ride without any gender-specific constraints. This e-bike has a Dutch-styled frame which makes it unique for different riding styles. 

Suspension Fork 

This e-bike has a suspension fork, bringing comfort to your rides, especially on uneven surfaces. This feature proves beneficial for navigating light trails and tackling city streets with potholes and bumps. The suspension system effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience. 

Cargo Capacity 

One of the great features of the e-bike is its cargo-carrying capabilities. You can easily transport your belongings and groceries with a handy front basket and a sturdy rear rack. The convenience of having ample storage space on a budget-friendly e-bike sets it apart from other models in this price range. This addition makes errands and daily commuting easy, adding practicality to your everyday life.


This Electric Bike embraces versatility, offering a range of features that cater to different riding preferences. From city commuting to light trail exploration, it adapts to various terrains with ease. However, the bike’s identity seems ambiguous, as it tries to cater to different needs simultaneously. 

It presents itself as a practical city cruiser with cargo-carrying capabilities and a hint of off-road potential. It has a unique appearance and it may leave some riders wondering if the bike excels in any specific category. 

Motor Power 

The Nakto Cargo Electric Bike may sport a 250W rear-geared hub motor, but don’t let that fool you. This little powerhouse packs a surprising punch, offering a giddy-up-and-go that feels more like a 350W motor. 

It effortlessly propels you forward, making city commutes a breeze. Whether you’re starting from a standstill or tackling uphill climbs, the motor delivers a smooth and reliable performance.

Battery Range 

The Nakto e-bike offers a range of 25 to 50 kilometers (15 to 30 miles) on a single charge with a 36V 10Ah battery. This range should comfortably cover most urban commutes and casual rides without the worry of running out of juice. 

While it may not be suited for long-haul journeys, it’s perfectly adequate for daily trips around town or errand runs. Moreover, you can recharge the battery as it is an easy task. It requires only 6 hours to reach full capacity.

Charging Time

When it’s time to recharge, you’ll be back on the road in no time. The Nakto e-bike’s battery fully charges in just 6 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between rides. This quick charging time allows you to plug it in overnight and wake up to a fully charged battery ready to take you wherever you need to go the next day.


The Nakto Electric Bike zips along at a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour (20 miles per hour). This speed is great for navigating city streets with ease. It allows you to keep up with traffic and reach your destination in time.

Riding Experience:

Riding this e-bike offers a great experience owing to its well-thought-out design. A comfortable and proper seating position ensures a relaxed ride, perfect for navigating city streets and commuting to work with ease. 

This versatile e-bike handles various terrains gracefully, making it suitable for a range of riding environments. Whether you’re gliding along city streets, exploring flat trails, or taking a leisurely ride on grassy lawns, the Nakto e-bike feels right at home. Its adaptability caters to different preferences, offering a well-rounded experience for urban commuting and casual excursions.

The Nakto e-bike delivers adequate performance for typical street riding with a front suspension fork. It efficiently absorbs minor bumps and irregularities on the road, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. 


  • Affordable price point
  • Full-sized Dutch-style design with cargo features
  • Surprisingly strong motor performance
  • Comfortable seating position for casual rides


  • Plastic material for the basket and possible cost-cutting measures
  • Modest battery capacity and longer charging time
  • Cheap fuses in the battery potentially lead to early failures

Final Thoughts

The Nakto 26″ Cargo Electric Bike is a versatile option that doesn’t break the bank. Its unisex Dutch-style frame and cargo-carrying capabilities offer a practical and functional design. Despite its affordable price, the bike surprises with its strong motor performance, making city commutes a breeze. The comfortable seating position adds to the appeal, ensuring leisurely rides around town. 


Is the Nakto 26″ Cargo Electric Bike suitable for off-road adventures?

The Nakto e-bike comfortably handles light trails and flat terrain. However, it is not designed for aggressive off-road use. It’s best suited for city streets, bike paths, and similar surfaces.

What is the range of the Nakto e-bike on a single charge? 

The Nakto e-bike offers a range of 25 to 50 kilometers (15 to 30 miles) on a single charge. This range is ideal for everyday commutes and leisurely rides.

Can the Nakto e-bike handle cargo?

Yes, the Nakto e-bike has a front basket and rear rack, making it suitable for carrying groceries, essentials, or personal belongings. 

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