Recon ebike range an all-terrain power-house

Recon ebike range for all-terrain power-house

The last century has been a century of innovations and lifestyle transformations. These transformations have brought some comfort as well as problems. One of the problems in our lives is related to the flow of smooth traffic. There are solutions emerging for this problem with the passage of time. One such solution is ebikes. We’ll explore how this problem has been helpful, from a commercial approach, as we discuss Recon ebike range in detail in the lines below.

History of Recon Company

Recon is a globally renowned brand of bikes. The identity of this bike manufacturer company is its strong association with the military. It boasts off the fact that its first endeavor was to supply bikes to law enforcement agencies, which it has been doing for years. Since the military personnel are physically tough, the bikes (pedal-powered or hybrid, in particular) meant for the use of such personnel need to be extra tough. This company knows it very well and claims that its bikes are made “Military Tough”.

In the lines below, we’ll briefly overview different models and their respective features of two of Recon ebikes.

Review of Recon ebike range

We we’ll discuss the following two ebikes from KTM ebike range, in the lines below.

1. RANGEBK Black Ranger Power Electric Bike (Recon ebike)

This is a hybrid bike in nature. It comes with a front-mounted electric motor. This bike has a throttle feature. The function of the throttle in ebikes is to control the speed of the bike by managing the amount of the charge that is regulated through the sensors. Hence by controlling the electric parameters, the speed of this bike might be controlled. This bike has been named so in order to pay tribute to US Army Rangers which are an elite-deployment force belonging to the US Army. As discussed in the lines above, this shows the company’s inclination towards the law enforcement agencies and the US Army in particular.

A black electric bike is shown against a white background.

Technical Features

The company claims that this bike comes with state-of-the-art features and this claim seems to be true as the same is reflected in its specifications. It can be one of the best bike options amongst the class it belongs to. Speaking about its power, it is a medium-power bike with 1000W rating which is quite good for not only domestic use but for different other terrains as well. The motor of this bike is capable of producing high torque. The battery in this bike operates from a 48 V Lithium-ion battery.

Since this is a hybrid bike, it comes with a pedal assist mode. Changing the mode of operation during the ride takes some energy from the battery (although very minute), yet the bike is capable of traveling approx. 50 miles on a single charge at various speeds.

It has a variable speed capability that ranges between 25-30 mph. This bike has fat tyres of 4” while the diameter of the tyres is 26”. The manufacturer gives a warranty of one year on this bike.

2. 2019 Cab Recon ebike

A black electric bike parked against a wall.

This is yet another wonderful product from Recon, the renowned e-bike manufacturer. This bike although comes with the throttle feature as the one we mentioned in the lines above, it does not have a power-assist feature which implies that its only mode of operation is through the electric charge or current provided by the motor. Its mileage per charge is better than the one we discussed above. It can cover 120 miles on a single charge.

Both battery and the motor are more powerful in this ebike. It has a motor with a power rating of 20kWh and a battery of 72V. This ebike comes with a sine wave controller which makes it fantastic as compared to some of the other bikes. This is because Sine wave controllers provide the smoothest operation as compared to all types of controllers available in the market. The electrical noise and vibration in minimal in this type of controller. Due to their smooth operation, less heat and wear is experienced by the motor, thereby extending its life, substantially.

The frame of this bike is waterproof which means that it is good to go in a rainy environment or when there is humidity in the air since there are no chances of corrosion to the frame (unless it gets some damage from any point). This bike’s racing features are satisfactorily good too. It has a top speed of 60 mph and can pick up from 0 to 50 mph in just 5 seconds or less.


The concept of ebikes has picked up popularity in recent times. There are many brands in the market that have established their name in quite a short time. Recon is also one such brand. Although the brand is relatively newer than many of its competitors, it offers some top-notch products to keen riders. The bikes that come under Recon ebike range are high-power ebikes which make them useful for more than mere domestic use. The brand has a strong association with law enforcement agencies and claims to make bikes that are suitable for use by law enforcement agencies i.e. able to withstand tough exertion of force.

Therefore, while domestic users may find the prices of Recon ebikes on a slightly higher side, we hereby urge our readers that if you belong to any law enforcement agency and looking to buy a bike that is tough enough from multiple aspects, Recon ebikes deserve a try. We bet you’ll not be disappointed.

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