Yamaha new electric bike with pedals

Yamaha Introduces New E-Bike and Speed Pedelec Models to the Market

Yamaha’s Switch on Strategy and Vision for Electric Vehicles

SCHIPHOL, the Netherlands – Yamaha’s Switch On strategy, which began in early 2022, marks the start of an exciting new era for the Japanese company in the development and production of the next generation of electric vehicles. This spring, Yamaha will be launching the highly anticipated Booster Easy e-bike and Booster speed pedelec.

After recently unveiling the Moro 07, Wabash, and Crosscore e-bikes, Yamaha is now bringing their Booster concept models to the market. 

Yamaha’s Development of the Booster Easy and Booster Models in Europe

While Yamaha has been manufacturing e-bikes since 1993, the company is taking a fresh approach in this rapidly growing market. In an interview with Bike Europe, Yamaha Europe President Eric de Seynes hinted at the launch of their own branded e-bikes, stating, “We aim to lead the way in the development, design, and production of zero-emission 2-wheel electric scooters, e-bikes, and speed pedelecs.”

Developed in Europe to cater to the demand for clean, quiet, and convenient urban transportation, the new Booster Easy e-bike and Booster speed pedelec feature Yamaha’s renowned drive unit and boast a sturdy yet timeless chassis design. Both models share a lightweight chassis and have a virtually identical appearance, with the key distinction lying in their performance capabilities. The Booster Easy has a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h, while the Booster is a speed pedelec or electric moped that can reach a maximum assisted speed of 45 km/h.

Yamaha’s Drive System Expertise and Features of the Boosters

With a contemporary and minimalist design, these models showcase an exposed diecast aluminum front frame, spoked wheels with 20 x 4-inch fat tires, and a classic U-frame configuration for easy mounting and dismounting. The front end includes Yamaha-exclusive fork covers, a front plate cover, a front mudguard, and a Supernova headlight. Cables are discreetly tucked away behind ducts for a cleaner aesthetic, and the Booster’s quality is further emphasized by features like a chain cover, engine covers, a rear carrier for ample storage, an adjustable Royal Orbis seat, and an integrated Koso LED taillight.

Yamaha’s expertise in high-tech eBike drive units spans over 30 years. The Boosters are equipped with the latest Yamaha PWseries S2 motor, weighing just 2.85 kg while delivering a powerful 75Nm of torque, and a 630Wh 36V battery. The user interface is provided by the Yamaha Display C, featuring a large 2.8-inch full-color dot matrix TFT display and a separate control switch.

Seamless Distribution Model through E-Commerce and eBike Experience Centers

To ensure a seamless customer experience, the Booster Easy and Booster will be available through a new e-commerce platform in close collaboration with Yamaha’s network of eBike Experience Centers, which are part of the existing Yamaha European PTW network. Yamaha highlights the benefits of this omnichannel system, as customers can visit a Yamaha eBike Experience Center to see and test-ride the e-bikes, seek guidance from trained dealer personnel, and then place their order with confidence.

Yamaha’s Commitment to Sustainable and Enjoyable Urban Mobility

Yamaha is firmly committed to sustainable and enjoyable urban mobility, which is evident through their introduction of the innovative Booster Easy and Booster models. These electric bicycles offer a clean and eco-friendly mode of transportation, aligning with Yamaha’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and minimizing environmental impact. The sleek design and lightweight chassis make these bikes ideal for navigating crowded urban streets, while the powerful motor and pedal assistance ensure a smooth and effortless ride. Yamaha’s focus on rider experience is reflected in the intuitive user interfaces and convenient features of the Boosters, enhancing overall satisfaction. With their commitment to sustainability and rider enjoyment, Yamaha is paving the way for a greener and more enjoyable urban future through these electric bicycle offerings.

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