KTM ebike range Review 2023

KTM ebike range Review – 2023

The advent of technology has brought many luxuries to our lives as well as problems. The human brain and intellect is a miracle that is able to resolve many problems simultaneously. Amongst the major problems that it has solved is that of transportation as well. Ebikes have brought this revolution quite silently. We’ll discuss KTM ebike range in detail in the lines below.

History of KTM company

KTM is a globally renowned brand of bikes. It was formally founded in 1992 but its origins are far more ancient than that. The identity of this bike manufacturer company is its off-road motorbikes. During the last two decades, bikes of this company have led the riders to win Paris Dacar rally, many a time. It has been a short time since KTM started producing ebikes recently. KTM ebike utilizes essential electronic systems from top-notch companies like Bosch etc.

In the lines below, we’ll briefly overview different models and their respective features of KTM ebikes.

KTM ebike Lineup: Models, Features, and Options

We we’ll discuss the following three ebikes from KTM ebike range, in the lines below.

1.  Macina Chacana LFC 2022 (KTM ebike)

Macina Chacana LFC 2022 (KTM ebike).

General features

This model from the famous Austrian bike manufacturer has a rear suspension. This means that it is capable of withstanding the mountain biking terrain. The other accessories that come along with this bike, make it capable of many other purposes. For example, it has lights installed on it which make it a good choice for a smooth ride at night or during low-visiblity conditions. Apart from the lights, the mudguards and the career rack come along with this model.

Technical features

Now let us explore the technical side of this bike i.e. discuss the specifications of this bike because any review or overview is incomplete without the discussion of such features. Of all the features, the battery is the most important one in the ebikes. KTM ebike Macina Chacana LFC 2022 utilizes Bosch 625 Wh Powertube. If we talk about the range, this is kind of a medium-range battery. In layman’s language, this battery makes this bike suitable for more than mere ordinary domestic drive bikes.

It has a motor which can produce torque as high as 85NM. The peak speed that it can hit is 32 kph. It utilizes a chain and shifter from one of the most renowned companies in the world, namely, Shimano. This bike has a medium capacity to carry the carriage on its rack. Its limit is 25 kg which is suitable for carrying casual loads such as everyday grocery etc.

2.  Macina Prowler Exonic (KTM ebike)

Macina Prowler Exonic (KTM ebike)

This KTM ebike is a designated mountain bike. It is more powerful than the one we described in the lines above. According to some e-bike enthusiasts, it is the most powerful ebike in KTM portfolio. The bike comes with a square-edged carbon frame. Since some of our readers might wonder what are the benefits of using Carbon frames in e-bikes, let us explore them in the lines below:


  1. Carbon is a lighter material than steel or aluminum and hence its use makes the e-bikes lightweight. Due to the reduced weight of the e-bike, mileage per charge gets improved. Also, for hybrid bikes this results in easier and smoother bike rides.
  2. This is something complex and technical in nature to elaborate, but the fact is that Steel and Aluminum are not good dampeners. Carbon on the other hand is better at dampening the vibrations. Therefore, the use of carbon in ebike frames makes them suitable for off-road drives in particular where the driving conditions are not smooth.
  3. Not only the general durability of the carbon frames is better but they provide the benefit of being resistant to corrosion as well. This gives them an upper hand as compared to Steel or Aluminum etc.

This bike has a unique feature that its battery comes with a lock which has to be unlocked with a key and this makes the bike theft-proof. Its weight carrying capacity is almost the same as the previous one discussed in the lines above.

3. KTM Macina Sport P610

KTM Macina Sport P610

This one is again a 625 Wh KTM ebike but it is different from the other two mentioned so far in the aspect that this one is a hybrid ebike. What does it mean? It implies that the riders may utilize the motor power whenever they want and may switch to pedaling whenever they get bored of the monotonous motor-powered drive.

It has some common features with the two discussed above. For example, this too uses the motor by Bosch and certain accessories by Shimano. This makes sense because manufacturers all over the world usually prefer to enter long-term strategic partnerships for as many products as possible, rather than choosing different brands and companies for different components.

This bike has a top speed of 25 Kmh. The power range is medium. So we can say that it is more useful for domestic drives which are smoother. This one comes with an Aluminum frame and hydraulic disc brakes. Due to the Aluminum frame, its weight is slightly more than the other two which we have discussed above i.e. 143 Kg in total and the weight carrying capacity is almost the same i.e. 25 Kgs.


E-bikes have changed the urban transportation scenario in recent times. The future belongs to the e-bikes. When choosing the e-bikes, the requirement of the end user must be the foremost priority. Also, it is necessary that the bikes belonging to a credible brand be chosen. KTM ebike range is famous in this regard across the globe. It contains many a bike. We have reviewed some of them in the lines above. If our readers wish to buy an ebike by KTM, the above lines might be of some help for them to reach a conclusion.

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