Mokwheel Scoria review

Mokwheel Scoria review | A comprehensive guide – 2024

The updated Mokwheel Scoria is an electric utility bike that can carry both people and goods. It is small, comfortable,and incredibly versatile. It is also functional, pleasurable, and reasonably priced. The Mokwheel Scoria has an appearance similar to that of a typical step-through fat tyre e-bike. What really sets this product apart is the optional inverter and solar panel that turn it into a portable battery that can be charged by the sun.


Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
Motor48V 750W Brushless
GearingShimano 7-Speed
DisplayLED Integrated
ChainKMC Stainless Chain
Front Fork110mm Adjustable Suspension
BrakesTEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
BatterySamsung 48V 19.6Ah (925Wh)
Charger48V 3.0A 100-240V
Weight79 lbs
Payload Capacity400 lbs

With a 750W motor and a 940Wh battery, the Mokwheel Scoria can tow up to 400 pounds for up to 96 km and yet give you pedal assistance and a twist throttle. With its 20-inch wheels and compact chassis resembling a moped or minibike, it might not look like much, but it is more than capable of lugging groceries up a hill, getting you to work, and doing any other chore you give it while you’re on vacation or in the city.

Design and Construction Quality

Tires and suspension

It is an electric bike in the moped type, which means that its tires are smaller and fatter, giving it a more motorcycle-like handling and riding position. A smoother ride over obstacles like potholes and nature walks is made possible by the thick tires, the front suspension, and the rear rack.

mokwheel scoria ebike review tire


Hydraulic disc brakes, an essential feature for a bike that can reportedly support a burden of up to 400 lbs. (181 kg), are included on this 79 lb. (36 kg) electric bicycle.

The Mokwheel Scoria is a really practical multipurpose bike that I can use to easily carry groceries, packages, and bags as a city dweller.


There are several USB-A and USB-C outlets in addition to two 120VAC plugs right on the power station. A 100W USB-C outlet with full power is also included. This would be the perfect answer for bike packing or camping because you could use the AC outlet to charge your USB gadgets while simultaneously powering appliances. The bike has a folding solar panel that you can use to recharge it when you stop to rest, or you may use it for extended camping trips, gradually draining the battery. The bike’s 960Wh battery gives you a significant amount of capacity to draw from.

Motor and Battery

If you plan to use the inverter for a while before going for a ride, keep in mind that the 750W motor consumes a lot of battery power. Make sure you leave yourself with adequate battery life. If you want to use the inverter in addition to the wheels to drain the battery, then the 48V and 19.6Ah battery’s 940 Wh capacity is essential. The company states that the large battery can go up to 60 miles or 96 km on the lowest power pedal assist setting, but it seems a little high to me.

Riding the bike at 22 mph (35 km/h) felt good on the roads and in the trails, but it’s obvious that this speed won’t get the bike 60 miles.

The bike reaches a maximum speed of approximately 22 mph (35 km/h) and surpasses Class 2 speeds, which makes strong stoppers an excellent complement.


  • With its 4’8″ to 6’1″ height range, this moped-style e-bike is easy for almost anyone in the family to get on and ride. Suitable for casual dirt riding around the campground or adventure rides, it may also be used for commuting and grocery shopping.
  • The 750W motor allows the bike to reach cruising speed in each PAS setting rather rapidly, including max speed.
  • The torque sensor enables the rider to pedal with good, constant motor engagement.
  • With PAS 1, you can ride farther—up to 60 miles—thanks to the 19.6Ah battery and energy management system.
  • Thanks to its 20″ x 4′ tires, comfortable frame ergonomics, and cockpit design, this bike is easy to manoeuvre and handle.
  • The suspension forks and the 4″ wide fat tires help to provide a smoother ride over obstacles.
  • Utilize the rear rack with a 55 lb. capacity to carry groceries, tools, or camping supplies.


  • When they get close to 20 mph, active peddlers may be a little let down because the Scoria ghost pedals at a slower speed. Increasing the gear range may benefit upcoming models.
  • Although the vendor does not offer a comprehensive warranty policy, customers might infer from the return policy that the seller offers them favorable terms. Request a copy of the warranty policy prior to making a purchase.
  • The MOKWHEEL SCORIA is available in a single frame size, suitable for up to 6′ tall riders.
  • Certain elements are absent, such as a multi-speed gearbox and a full LED display.


If you’re ready to jump into the e-bike revolution, the Mokwheel Scoria is a fantastic entry-level choice. With only four pedal assist speeds and a single-speed drivetrain, there aren’t many electronics, power, or maintenance issues. It’s also fun to add extra power with the twist throttle.

The bike’s $1,999 price tag seems a touch high when compared to other e-bikes in its class with similar designs. It’s possible that the manufacturer is placing a wager that this particular mobile power station function won’t be possible for many, if any, other e-bikes.

Mokwheel scoria FAQs

Which type of brakes is the Mokwheel scoria equipped with?

TEKTRO HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes, found on the Mokwheel scoria, offer strong and dependable stopping force.

Does heavy rain prevent me from riding the Mokwheel scoria?

Riding the Mokwheel scoria in heavy rain is not advised as it may cause electrical damage to its parts.

Is the front suspension of the Mokwheel scoria lockable and adjustable?

Yes, the front suspension of the Mokwheel scoria is lockable and tunable. This allows you to modify the suspension’s firmness to fit the terrain and riding style that you like.

Are the seats of mokwheel scoria comfortable for longer rides?

No, seats are not comfortable for longer rides.

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