Best Riese And Muller Electric Bike Reviews

Best Riese and Muller Electric Bike – Detailed Overview

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are the talk of the town. They have revolutionized the world of daily commuting by offering a thrilling and eco-friendly alternative to conventional bicycles. With their innovative design and integrated electric motors, e-bikes empower riders to effortlessly conquer hills, extend their range, and rediscover the joy of cycling like never before. Beyond transportation, e-bikes have also carved a niche in the realm of fitness, leisure, and even sport.

In the crowded world of e-bikes, it can be tough to make the right choice. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the very best from Riese & Müller, a brand known for its outstanding e-bikes. We have carefully selected the finest Riese & Müller e-bikes based on our knowledge. Each one showcases the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. 

History of Riese and Muller Ebikes

The electric bike market is all set to grow remarkably, with an estimated value of $41 billion projected by 2030. This thriving domain has attracted numerous new competitors, but Riese & Müller has firmly established its position as a frontrunner amidst the competition. The brand has not only withstood the test of time but has also emerged as a symbol of resilience. They have continuously been delivering top-notch e-bikes that are in a league of their own.

Markus Riese and Heiko Müller founded Riese and Müller in 1993 in the scenic city of Darmstadt, Germany. So you can say that its also a German ebike brand. They started with a small project fueled by their love for cycling and dedication to eco-friendly transportation. 

Riese & Müller stands out by emphasizing quality above all else. They aim to create electric bikes that are truly top-notch, surpassing their competitors. The proof is in their sales and reviews—Riese & Müller consistently outperforms others in the industry, earning praise from both riders and experts. This dedication to excellence has earned the brand a solid reputation as a trustworthy and dependable choice.

What sets Riese and Müller’s electric bikes apart is their seamless blend of style and functionality. They meticulously engineer their e-bikes, integrating latest technology, premium components, and exceptional craftsmanship. The result? An unparalleled riding experience that combines comfort and performance. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or conquering rugged off-road trails, Riese and Müller have transformed the way we travel on two wheels.

Top 5 Riese and Muller E-bikes


The number one on our list is the Supercharger GT. It has received a lot of positive reviews and the specs on this one are great to tackle all domains of daily commuting.

It has a comfortable Thudbuster ST suspension seat post and wider 2.4″ tires that provide stability and reduces vibrations. The front air suspension is great at tackling bumps and uneven patches during your journey. While the bike is designed for trail or mountain biking, it can also handle off-road terrain if you don’t need deep traction from knobby tires.

The bike comes in different sizes and offers a choice of colors and drivetrains, including Shimano 11-speed, Rohloff internally geared hub, or NuVinci continuously variable transmission. The bike is powered by two Bosch Powertube 500-watt hour batteries that pump 1,000-watt hours into the e-bike, ensuring a good range.

Yellow color Riese & Muller Supercharger GT Electric Bike

The bike includes wide plastic fenders, integrated LED lights, and a folding ABUS Bordo 6000 lock for safety and utility. The hydraulic disc brakes with large 180 mm rotors offer reliable stopping power, and the adjustable brake levers can be easily customized for different hand sizes or glove use.

The battery and motor are positioned low and centrally for improved balance and handling. The price might seem a bit high, but the company does offer a two year warranty for the drivetrain, and five year warranty for the frame. Therefore, invest confidently!


This sleek and stylish bike offers a perfect blend of comfort, performance, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an efficient and enjoyable way to navigate city streets.

Equipped with a powerful mid-mounted geared motor, the Roadster Mixte Vario delivers an impressive 85 Newton-meter torque. This means you can confidently conquer challenging inclines and tackle various terrains with ease. The motor comes with multiple assist modes, including Eco, Tour, eMTB, and Turbo, giving you the freedom to choose the level of assistance that suits your riding style and terrain.

Riese & Muller Roadster. Electric bike in black color.

With a high-capacity 625Wh battery, the Roadster Mixte Vario provides an estimated minimum range of 30 miles (48 km) and a maximum range of 95 miles (153 km). Say goodbye to range anxiety as you confidently navigate your urban adventures, knowing that the bike has ample power to take you where you need to go. The battery charges fully in just 4.5 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum convenience.

Safety is a top priority with the Roadster Mixte Vario. The bike is equipped with reliable Magura hydraulic disc brakes, providing excellent stopping power and control. The ergonomic and locking Ergon grips offer a comfortable and secure hold, even during longer rides. 

Available in two frame sizes, 17.71 inches (44.98 cm) and 20.86 inches (52.98 cm), the Roadster Mixte Vario accommodates a wide range of riders, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. 


Introducing the Riese & Müller Multicharger GT Touring 750, an electric bike that sets a new standard for urban commuting and touring. With its sleek design and impressive performance, this bike is a game-changer for those seeking a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. Let’s dive into the features that make the Multicharger GT Touring 750 a must-have.

First and foremost, the Multicharger GT Touring 750 has a forward and upright body position, striking the perfect balance between comfort and agility. Whether you’re navigating busy urban streets or embarking on a scenic tour, this bike provides a riding experience that keeps you in control while maintaining a relaxed posture.

Riese & Muller Multicharger GT. Electric bike in black color with a rack at back side.

Equipped with a powerful pedal-assist motor, the Multicharger GT Touring 750 offers an impressive torque of 85 Newton meters, delivering smooth and responsive acceleration. 

One of the standout features of this electric bike is its exceptional range. With an estimated minimum range of 40 miles (64 km) and a maximum range of 120 miles (193 km), the Multicharger GT Touring 750 ensures that you can tackle your daily commute or embark on longer journeys without worrying about running out of battery power. And with a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph), you’ll effortlessly keep up with the flow of city traffic.

You can charge the battery in a reasonable charge time of just 7 hours. Whether you’re overnight charging or taking a break during the day, you’ll be back on the road in no time. 


This exceptional electric mountain bike ensures both thrilling riding pleasure and unparalleled safety. Equipped with 1,125 Wh of integrated power, it effortlessly conquers all types of terrain, whether you’re scaling high mountains or tackling steep trails. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor and Control Technology, combined with full suspension, effortlessly pave the way to the summit.

Experience double the power with the DualBattery 1125 feature of the Superdelite mountain. This innovative system combines a 500 Wh battery in the top tube with a 625 Wh battery in the down tube, providing an extended range and minimizing the need for frequent charging breaks. 

Riese & Muller Roadster. Electric mountain bike in black and grey color.

The Fox Float Performance Boost air suspension fork with 150 mm travel and Fox Float DPS Performance shock absorber ensure a smooth ride over rugged terrain. The Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires, equipped with sturdy studs, deliver exceptional grip in any riding situation. With its short chainstay length, the bike accelerates quickly, while the lowerable seatpost adds a sporty touch for descending with confidence.

The Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlamp provides a powerful main beam and daytime running light. It enhances visibility during night rides and increasing your presence on the road during daylight hours. 


The Packster 70 is a remarkable two-wheeled companion that brings convenience to your daily life. Whether you’re transporting your precious cargo of three children or a hefty load of groceries, this family-friendly e-bike ensures a safe and secure journey to your destination. Its effortless handling, reliable stability, and eco-friendly materials will leave you truly impressed. Plus, the adjustable saddle and stem make it adaptable to riders of different sizes in just seconds.

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to transporting children. The Packster 70 features child seats equipped with 5-point seat belts and side impact protection, providing exceptional safety in urban environments. The central railing doubles as a convenient grab handle, ensuring a secure hold.

Riese & Muller Packster 70. Two wheeled Electric Cargo bike with a cargo box in front.

Enjoy superior ride dynamics with the Packster 70, whether you’re cruising, parking, or loading. Its low centre of gravity and thoughtful design details make it incredibly user-friendly in all situations. 

With its adjustable saddle and stem, the Packster 70 accommodates different body heights ranging from 1.50 m to 2.00 m, making it an ideal companion for family life. 

For added comfort, consider the optional Control Technology, integrating Riese and Müller’s rear suspension system. This combination of a rear swing arm and fully loaded front suspension enhances your riding experience and control.

Weighing 42 kg, the Packster 70 is powered by a Bosch PowerTube 625 Vertical battery, providing ample energy for your journeys. Tektro Auriga Comp HD-500 and Tektro TRP C 2.3 disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power, and the Schwalbe tires offer excellent grip on various terrains.

How to Choose The Best Riese & Muller E-Bike?

When choosing the best Riese & Muller e-bike, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, think about your riding style and the purpose of the bike. Riese & Muller offers a wide range of models, including city bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes, each designed for specific types of terrain and preferences. Secondly, consider the motor and battery system. These e-bikes typically feature Bosch or Shimano motors. Try to  choose the one that suits your power and range requirements. Additionally, pay attention to the bike’s frame size and geometry to ensure a comfortable fit. Thus, you can consider the features and accessories available.

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